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    ABC of BEE

    Businesses in the ABC of BEE fully embrace the social responsibility of Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE).
    B-BBEE is an initiative launched by the South African Government to address the restrictions that exist within the country for Black individuals to participate fairly in the economy.
    Below you can find our preferred service suppliers and businesses in their relevant subcategories. From companies in Agriculture and Construction to Telecommunications and Travel, you will find a wide range of businesses in diverse industries.

    On the face of it, 2016 has had more echoes with 1976 and the bad old days than the Rainbow nation. Volatile student protests and escalating police brutality suggests that the ghosts of history are marching into the present, determined to claim the promises made as far back as the freedom charter.

    When property is being destroyed and lives are being lost, it is difficult to take a long-term view. However, even if we are traumatised by the turmoil that has erupted across our campuses and spilled onto the streets, it is vital to remember the larger narrative.

    As surely as dawn follows night, the political, economic and societal challenges we are currently experiencing will resolve themselves and we will emerge stronger as a nation because of this. No other country in the world represents the elemental human capacity to endure and rebuild more than ours does.

    Business leaders are, conceivably, better placed than most to respond creatively to restore the balance.

    The need to escalate the programme of real and meaningful transformation is more pressing than ever. Whatever obligations currently exist in the form of BEE legislation, companies large and small have a moral imperative to share and optimise the resources this country should rightly afford everyone, because only then will our ideal of the Rainbow nation become a tangible and attainable reality.

    In these pages you will find myriad ways to consolidate the changes you may have already made, and to explore opportunities as yet uncovered. We offer you a comprehensive mix of thought leadership, service providers, empowered companies and much more.

    Our aim with this year’s edition of the ABC of BEE is to remind all of us that nothing is impossible if we look at the bigger picture.
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25May 2017

Public and Private Working Together to Deliver Affordable Healthcare

By: Guest Author 0 Comment(s) Corporate Essentials

  DSV Healthcare and Sanofi have partnered to assist the State with basic training sessions on Total Quality Management (TQM) in Supply Chain. The TQM training methodology, which is supported and utilised by industry leaders globally, aims to achieve sustainable successes in business practices through proven continuous improvement techniques. DSV is particularly excited to be

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