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Importance of skilled finance and admin staff in the workplace


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The lack of skilled people hampers economic growth in South Africa. Whilst the South African Government as well as the private sector needs to successfully implement aggressive and robust growth strategies, fast-track service delivery and produce high quality products and services, the focus on developing the skilled resources needed to achieve this remains a critical priority requirement for this country.

In order for any organisation to get ahead in today’s challenging environment it is important that your staff have the relevant knowledge and skills and that your organisation benefits from their expertise. When investing in education, we believe the best choice is made when you are properly informed and able to reduce a myriad of confusing options out there to a handful to suite the specific needs of your organisation.

Most training strategies and interventions implemented in organisations are aimed at improving the core functions of the organisation in terms of its operations/production, sales, customer service and profitability. The role of the finance department in many organisations is viewed as being an important support function though very often insufficient attention is afforded to upskilling the junior to middle management administrative and finance staff, the very people in an organisation that ensures all billing is done accurately and timeously, all invoicing and statements are correct, up to date and posted to clients on time, collections of all outstanding moneys is successfully done on a consistent basis and the credit policy of the organisation is effectively managed resulting in minimal write-offs. In addition, improved inventory and payment management and good relationship with suppliers all contribute to successful cash flow management which combine to give the organisation more flexibility to successfully fund and grow the business.

Training is possible through various learning interventions through learning using the internet or an organisation’s internal intranet has numerous benefits for both companies and their employees through increased efficiency, lower costs and more convenience. Employees no longer need to travel to a training centre, but can learn when it suits them and from any location.

As the South African College of Business (SACOB) we believe our education and training offerings ranging from SAQA accredited professional body qualifications and FASSET learnerships to SACOB short courses and skills training interventions are best suited to significantly improve and develop the critical skills needed for the organisation to grow profitability and be sustainable. Skills development interventions also benefits organisations directly by improving their BBBEE level as well as making it possible to fast-track employment equity and access learnerships funding via the SETA discretionary grants as well as the various SARS tax incentives applicable.

SACOB has various flexible learning options available to meet the employees and the organisations requirements e.g.

  • Distance Learning – with online support
  • Distance Learning – with full online tuition and support
  • Part-time classes – evenings and Saturdays (Johannesburg and Cape Town for CIMA qualifications)
  • Face to face skills training interventions.

The people deriving most benefit from SACOB training interventions ranges from junior to very senior staff and their efforts and contribution to any organisation is often the difference between being a struggling business as opposed to being a highly successful one. The table below depicts the different SACOB offerings and how it can benefit an organisation and their staff.

Programme Qualification Employees who will benefit Benefit to the organisation
Professional Qualifications:SAQA Accredited Fasset Learnerships


(*Globally Recognised Qualifications)

*ICB –Accounting, Office Management

*IBS – Management & Administration

  • Junior administrators,
  • Finance clerks,
  • Debtors clerks
  • Creditors clerks,
  • Supervisors,
  • Entry level management,
  • Bookkeepers
  • Improved productivity
  • Work quality
  • Accurate billing,
  • Payroll,
  • Reconciliations
  • Accurate invoicing,
  • Effective collections and accounts payable
  • Learnerships funding and tax incentives
*ICB – Accounting

*ACCA – Accounting


*CIMA – Cost Accounting


*CIS – Governance & Administration

  • Finance management
  • Senior bookkeepers
  • Senior administrators,
  • Office management
  • Management accountants,
  • Senior management
  • Company Secretarial
  • Improved decision making,
  • Cash flow management,
  • Supply chain practices,
  • Management accounting,
  • Office management,
  • Risk and compliance,
  • Taxation,
  • Ethics and professionalism.
  • Learnership funding and incentives
* CompTIA  – IT
  • Office administration and
  • Information Technology
  • Improved processing and
  • Systems availability
International Qualification CFA – Financial Analyst
  • Financial analyst,
  • Planners,
  • Wealth managers.
  • Improved investment analysis and
  • Portfolio management skills
Short Courses ICB & SACOBFinance, Management, Entrepreneurship
  • Office administration,
  • Finance,
  • Management,
  • Operations,
  • Supply chain,
  • Sales,
  • Human resources,
  • Customer service staff.
  • Computing
  • Improved financial planning and controls
  • Operational efficiencies,
  • Effective  call centre and marketing,
  • Efficient administration
  • Effective management skills, Succession planning,
  • Business continuity and Entrepreneurial management
Skills training Interventions SACOB – various focussed skills sets All levels of staff,  from junior to management and board level Improved financial, governance, administration, people and computer skills


SACOB Principal, Stacey Henn, said: “As a specialist distance learning Business College, SACOB is dedicated to providing a total skills and knowledge solution to individuals, corporates and government departments focussing on addressing critical business competencies”.


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