21 Jan

Luxury Vinyl Planks – the versatile, resilient and modern option



wanabiwood-main-imageWanabiWood has grown substantially in the past few months due to the growing popularity of our vinyl floors.

EchoWood vinyl planks, which offer endless benefits, replicate the richness of natural wood whilst leaving nature unharmed!

It’s virtually maintenance free

Vinyl planks just need a quick sweep and regular mopping. Unlike genuine wood floors, you don’t need to worry about special wood cleaners, polishers or water spills.

wanabiwood1It’s universal

Because it’s durable and moisture resistant, vinyl plank flooring can go anywhere. You could never put hard wood floors in your bathroom or kitchen. EchoWood vinyl flooring is tough enough to stand up to heavy traffic, your kids and pets, and above all water spills!

Endless advantages of EchoWood Vinyl Planks

Waterproof                                                      Stain Resistant

Soundproof                                                      Cost Effective

Easy to Clean                                                   Slip Resistant

Durable                                                             Nano- Silver Technology

Hygenic                                                             Eco- Friendly

ISO9001                                                            ISO14001

AHP (18 of 20)Contact WanabiWood to be directed to the nearest distributor of EchoWood Luxury vinyl. Upgrading your floor with the latest fashionable trends has never been easier, quicker and more affordable. Vinyl Floor planks are the latest innovation in flooring, the deep embossed effect creates such an authentic look and feel that even the experts are hard preseed to tell the difference.

AHP (10) (2)Resilient flooring provides considerable benefits for the homeowner and a very popular choice for homeowners and offers a wonderful lifespan of durability and can be expected to last for years if properly installed. LVP’s authentic appeal and design versatility plus the ease of cleaning, exceptional hygienic properties, and long service life compete with very best of the flooring industry has to offer as it is soft under foot, it meets the growing demand for a silent floor when walked on.

These are the important reasons why you could happily select these for use in your hallway, dining room, bedrooms, family room, kitchen and even bathroom- our ranges consist of 16 colours which means there is something for everyone!

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