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26 Jan

2015 Registration for Diploma in Practitioner Coaching Open – Last week to enrol!

Practitioner Coaching

The Diploma in Professional Coaching (DIPC)  is designed specifically for those who wish to develop high-level skills as transformative professional coaches and leader coaches. This is a programme that goes beyond skills and method to effectively facilitate transformation of self, others, cultures and systems at an individual, group and organisational level. It is about becoming a coach and an agent of deep learning and developmental change.

The DIPC is a premier offering with all modules accredited at a post-graduate level towards an academic Masters in Professional Coaching with Middlesex University which is internationally recognised. The Coaching Centre has graduated over 400 delegates. It is a part-time 12-module process over 12-months.


Twelve months of dedicated and thorough self-examination, self-growth and skills building – with the help of powerful social technologies, leading-edge learning material, and extraordinary facilitators. All this happens within a carefully thought-out container using the wisdom, bonds and tensions of a small group to amplify the learning curve for each participant. (DIPC Graduate ‘12)

A life-changing course that has opened me up to a whole new way of thinking and being. I feel empowered to lead with intention and responsibility. There is a groundedness and presence within me now that has added infinitely to my skill as a coach, leader and facilitator. (DIPC Graduate ‘13)

The rigour of the training and journey of self-development was expertly contained within the safe space created by the faculty. The excellent and experienced facilitators, efficient and caring staff, the skilled developments, highly experienced and insightful assessors and my incredible fellow students made this course unforgettable. (DIPC Graduate ‘13)

It opened up real learning around the value of personal awareness in leadership and how to take this into working with my teams, and my whole organisation. Being able to work with a full spectrum of human development has taken my life as a leader to new heights – my people see the difference and the bottom line results are speaking for themselves. My wish – that all leaders would give themselves this time to grow so that they can grow others and their businesses. (DIPC Graduate ‘14)

We believe that the people who come to do our development work are truly keen and able to take into consideration their full range of potential in order to liberate what is possible within themselves and then within others; engage in full spectrum learning; cultivate insight to responding to people and situations through relationship towards a (shared) objectives; to invite feedback as a pathway to growth; to be able to execute their new learning into a relevant practice of their own ; and activate this into the world for the benefit of all.

Join us in our next intake – making a difference – being the difference!
Contact Angela on 0217150525 / 0732203445 / to enrol and to find out more!

26 February 2015 in Cape Town and 19 March 2015 in Johannesburg.


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