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10 Feb

Switched on to reducing costs!

Lighting contributes about 25% to the average building’s electricity costs. For commercial buildings, this number can be as high as 40%. In today’s climate of soaring electricity costs, finding energy-efficient alternatives is no longer solely about adopting environmentally-friendly energy solutions, there’s a very real financial benefit in doing so.

Switched on to reducing costs!

Light-Emitting Diodes or “LEDs” are semi-conductor lights which differ from traditional lighting technologies, such as incandescent halogen, metal halide, which primarily use heat to generate light. Lighting is the most effective way to reduce energy consumption. LED technology is already producing up to160lm/w, which is almost twice as efficient as its closest competitors.

Switched on to reducing costs!LED’s are not only energy-efficient, but also versatile in providing the correct light quality and creating the right ambiance. Aside from using approximately 85% less energy than incandescent lamps, LED’s last up to five times longer than CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Lamps), which last about 6 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Many businesses are now moving to LED lighting not only to reduce electricity costs but also to reduce their carbon footprint. Faircity Hotel Group has reduced energy consumption from 195.199MWh to 25.632MWh, per month throughout 2015, and have reduced their carbon emission from 193.247 to 25.376 tons per month and saved approximately 232.307 kilolitres of water per month which would have been lost to the electricity producing process.Switched on to reducing costs!

LED there be light..
• LED lighting in your office, warehouse and home…
• Uses only 30% of electricity than that of conventional lighting products.
• Has payback periods of less than 24 months.
• Is more eye-friendly than conventional lighting.
• Has a positive effect on the brain, which improves productivity.
• Provides the correct light quality and creates the right ambience.

ALTSA Products
ALTSA delivers a wide range of lighting solutions, with more than 1000 models designed to deliver perfect solutions in various environments, luminance, beam angles and colour temperatures. We offer commercial and industrial solutions, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Our modern and well-designed lighting products are SABS-approved and carry UL, ETL, TUV, CE and FCC international certification and are guaranteed for five years.

ALTSA means business when it comes to energy-efficient lighting solutions. ALTSA has 15 installation teams and are replacing an average 700 light fittings per day, saving customers millions annually. Warehouses across the country ensures fast, effective delivery.

Switched on to reducing costs!

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