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5D Facial

5D Facial


There’s a reason the 5D Excellency Gommage Facial is known in the industry as the Hollywood Glow – I had my treatment on a Friday morning and from the moment I left the Chabella spa I’ve had so many complements, even from complete strangers telling me that I seem to be glowing from the inside.

The complete relaxation I experienced during my treatment, combined with all the compliments, gave me such joy that one lady in a busy shopping center asked me if I was pregnant! Not only did I notice a marked decrease in fine lines but my skin, which is prone to pigmentation and discoloration, also looked far more even and brighter.

I’ll admit, I haven’t been paying attention to the seasonal changes. I did notice some dryness on my face, but for some reason I didn’t get around to adjusting my skin care routine to include the hydration I need in winter. After the 5D Facial, this concern too was addressed. My face felt wonderfully hydrated, without the heaviness sometimes associated with a rich moisturizer.

I initially dismissed the hype around the 5D Facial as simply the results of good marketing – I mean, the claims made about the treatment border on the unbelievable. Apart from an instant, visible decrease of up to 45% in the depth, volume and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the 5D Facial also promises to instantly refine and brighten, stimulate collagen production, repair the skin and improve pigmentation and problem skin – quite a feat for a treatment that does not involve some type of chemical peel.

The treatment starts off with a gentle cleansing, using a luxurious cleansing cream which removes all make-up and impurities. Enriched with HydraEco – an active substance with honey – the cleansing cream has a honey-like texture and deep cleanses and soothes the skin.

After the face has been cleansed, a Raspberry Active Peel is applied in small circular movements to awaken the skin. This opalescent pink gel is quite watery, smells absolutely divine and melts into your skin. With an acidic pH, its AHA gently loosens the dead cells from the epidermis and increases cellular renewal of the skin. The Raspberry Active Peel, which is enriched with moisturizing agents, gives long-lasting hydration and doubles the effect of the 3D Gommage, which is applied next.

5D FacialGommage – meaning “to erase” in French – refers to the sloughing-off of dead skin by way of applying an enzyme-rich gel and massaging it into the face. The 3D Gommage reduces fine lines and wrinkles, lightens and brightens the complexion, reduces appearance of pigmentation, improves skin texture, diminishes scar appearance and helps skin regeneration. Once the gommage has been applied, you might feel a slight tingle as the lemon, rosmarin, peppermint and musk rose in the formula starts to work. The therapist will wait a few minutes for the gommage to set, before gently rolling off the product, sloughing off all the skin cells loosened by the peel.

The application of the Raspberry Peel and the 3D Gommage is repeated two more times. Every time the peel is applied, it takes less time to be completely absorbed, as the layer of dead cells gets thinner and thinner.

After the Peel and Gommage process has been repeated three times, the therapist will apply a facial mask chosen to address your specific concern. For me, that is pigmentation, so the Prolight Peel was applied. This peel-off mask treats hyper pigmentation or pigment marks due to aging. The whitening effect is due to vegetable extracts rich in flavonoids & tannin.

Other masks in the range are the Purifying Mango Mask, which is formulated with natural mango fruit extract that detoxifies and absorbs pollutants and impurities, leaving skin soft, refreshed, tight and revitalized and the Oil Regulator Mask, which absorbs excess sebum and helps the epidermis recover its natural balance thanks to the active ingredients that control the regulation of sebum.

5D FacialOnce the mask has been peeled off, a lotion is applied to remove any leftovers before a moisturizer is applied. The Day Cream Multi-Actions lightens, fades and prevents age or dark spots. Formulated with brightening technology it ensures an evenly luminous complexion.

Upon completion, my skin felt amazingly soft to the touch and the expression lines (I’m sensitive about the word wrinkles, okay?) around my eyes looked noticeably fewer and less deep.

The entire process takes about an hour – time well spent to achieve the results and the scores of compliments! It is recommended that the 5D Facial be repeated every 28 days.

The 5D facial is a must for anyone who wants to look younger, without the pain and the recovery time of a chemical peel.


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