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Addressing the growing disengagement of South African employees


Recruitment and selection gets the right people on board physically. Employee Engagement gets them on board emotionally.” Alinda Nortje, Executive Chairperson, Free To Grow

Engagement levels in South Africa are constantly dropping


Since SA’s percentage of engaged employees is only slightly lower than the global figures, this is not a huge concern. What is disturbing however is that 45% of South African employees are disengaged – almost twice as high as the global figures illustrated below.


On the one hand, disengaged employees are not contributing to the success of the organisation, do not effectively fulfill the job they are paid for and in some instances resort to ‘getting even’ in ways that hurt the business. On the other hand, such high levels of disengagement showcase the enormous untapped potential, which could, if utilised, tip the scale to higher profitability and greater competitiveness.

The answer does not lie in simply ‘motivating the workforce.’ All levels in an organisation have a role to play.


To sustain Employee Engagement it is therefore imperative that engagement skills be developed on all levels.

Examples of clients Free To Grow has partnered with on their engagement journey


Click on the links below for case studies demonstrating the impact of Free To Grow’s partnerships with leading multi-nationals

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image 6 - SAB logohttp://www.freetogrow.com/news/pabod-breweries-boosts-its-bottom-line-with-employee-engagement

Don’t miss the first in a range of practical, experiential 4.5 hour master classes exploring how surveys and different job levels can enhance Employee Engagement.


Leveraging surveys & the roles of different job levels in enhancing engagement

Johannesburg / Register online by clicking here

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Cost: R1482.00 including VAT and continental breakfast

For more details on the Master classes or to explore how Free To Grow can assist you in your engagement journey, contact:

Kim van Schoor

Marketing Manager of Free To Grow | Tel: +2721 852 4445



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