13 Jun

Agile, Flexible, Cost-effective – Welcome to Flexible Workspaces



Businesses are changing the way they work to save money and drive productivity.

They’re known as the ghost desks – those workstations that sit silently in the corner of your office, vacant, draining your business of money. Businesses have every right to be spooked. Under-utilised office space is costing businesses billions of Rands each year; a legacy of an outdated working culture geared towards fixed hours at a fixed location.

Happily, times are changing. Today’s business owners are recognising the need to think flexibly, re-imagining the world of work to save money and developing new practices that bring the very best out of employees.

The way in which office space is consumed is developing fast. Taking space on an as-needed basis makes sense for businesses that no longer want to be locked into fixed leases. After all, why pay for an office with 30 desks when only 15 are occupied?

Think fast, work smart

Flexible workspace is giving businesses of every size the freedom to act fast and make better decisions. A firm wanting to open a new division can do so immediately. New teams can simply plug-in and focus on core tasks, with no wait for leasing negotiations

Catch the co-working buzz

A recent Regus survey identified nearly 9 out of 10 professionals believe co-working “helps curb loneliness for homeworkers”. Co-working is one of the biggest workplace trends of the moment, describing a workspace that is occupied by individuals from a number of different companies and that encourages networking and collaboration.

Regus is at the forefront of this trend, with a network of over 3000 locations in 120 countries worldwide, their conversations with business-leaders covering more than the financial benefits of flexible workspace.



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