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14 Jul

Our Children are the Future | World Youth Skills Day



Education and skills training is the only way forward

The UN in Sri Lanka initiated world Youth Skills Day in 2014 where it was highlighted that youth skill development needed to be addressed at a global level. This is due to the high level of unemployment and underemployment amongst young people globally.

The youth is more likely to have employment trouble than adults and are exposed to lower quality jobs, greater market inequalities and longer periods for the shift between school and work. Recent statistics also show that young women are more likely to experience being underemployed and underpaid.

It is for this reason that youth should receive the skills training and education from an early age.  Key aspects such as basic literacy and mathematics as well as alternative skill sets that can further improve a youth’s ability to make educated life and employment decisions.

The United Nations uses this day to raise awareness around these issues and reduce the rate of unemployment and underemployment worldwide. Organisations, businesses, companies and individuals who can assist with empowering the youth are urged to help wherever they can.  The future of the world’s economy is in our youth and it is up to us ensure that they are inspired, educated and skilled.

#WYSD #SkillsForAll #WorldYouthSkillsDay


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