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11 Aug

Imperial Logistics goes the extra mile for their loyal clients


Imperial Logistics has invested in a branded fleet of vehicles with a long standing client, Italtile.


Their commitment to clients is reflected in their outstanding involvement to improve their client’s competitiveness. They improve every link in their clients supply chain.

The re-signing of Italtile’s contract with Imperial Logistics led to Imperial branding a fleet of their vehicles with Italtile’s identity. “We took the opportunity to replace the entire Italtile Retail secondary fleet with brand new vehicles that feature Italtile’s new corporate livery and logo. We have also revamped the uniforms worn by our drivers and assistants, to tie in with our client’s new look,” reveals Imperial Logistics chief strategy officer, Cobus Rossouw.

Imperial Logistics and Italtile share a long standing partnership of 10 years – and counting. The partnership is based on transparency, open communication and unwavering commitment to innovation, with the aim of improving efficiency and lowering costs to ensure Italtile’s ongoing competitiveness and relevance in the market place.

“We worked closely with our client to understand what role Imperial Logistics could play in their recent rebranding. Once we had a clear idea of where Italtile was moving, in terms of its new identity, we did not hesitate to align our vehicles, enhance our service offering and help our client to create and maintain awareness of its new image following the rebranding,” says Rossouw.

The striking new fleet was welcomed with open arms by Italtile. Imperial Logistics’ services to Italtile have since expanded to Cape Town,Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. With the new Italtile fleet being launched successfully, the next step for the ceramic and tiling company is to introduce technology solutions that will enhance the customer’s delivery experience.

“Our drivers and assistants will be completing advanced training courses that the Imperial Logistics Academy has developed. These will improve their interaction with Italtile customers at delivery points,” says Rossouw.

Italtile Limited is South Africa’s number one retailer in its industry and products, providing the South African market with imported and local ceramic and porcelain tiles, bathroom accessories and other related products . The Italtile group operates as a franchisor that is focused on growing their market share and encouraging entrepreneurial opportunities through their franchise programmes.


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