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13 Sep

Imperial Logistics takes step into the future

automated briefing system


The global logistics company launches automated briefing system for drivers.

Global logistics company, Imperial Logistics, has achieved a transport industry first with the launch of an automated briefing system for drivers.

Chief strategy officer Cobus Rossouw states that his initiative is decreasing the company’s operational risk, whilst increasing their employees’ exposure to the industry’s latest technology and has therefore offered opportunities for their growth and development.

The tanker services division is rolling out the automated briefing programme for all its operations. This revolutionary projects is currently running with huge success in the Tanker Services’ Fuel and Gas division, where every driver’s personal and professional information is stored on the inclusive system.

The information ranges from driving certificates and licences to incident reports and employee medical information. The convenient self-briefing ‘kiosks’ act like self-service check in counters at airports and have been installed at various Imperial sites for drivers to access. “Where drivers would previously interface with a controller, they now clock into the self-service portal and brief themselves on the system,” Rossouw explains.

The system has been developed by the logistics company themselves and is currently a transport industry first. “It will not allow the driver to clock in unless he has had the required 12 hours rest. If he is taking chronic medication for a condition like diabetes, for example, it will ask the driver questions to ensure that he has taken his medication.”

The biometric system is operated by means of the driver’s fingerprints and the chief strategy officer reports that Imperial has found staff are more willing to declare facts and answer questions during the self-briefing session than they might be when sitting face-to-face with a supervisor. “If a driver has forgotten to take medication that he needs, it is easier for him to be open with the self-briefing portal. An issue like this would be flagged, the driver would have a session with a controller, and the problem can be quickly and easily remedied,” says Rossouw.

For drivers, the system is providing them with computer skills and boosting their self-esteem. “Our drivers are very proud to be able to tell their family members that they are using computers at work now.” The same system and kiosks are also being used for post-trip driver debriefing by Imperial, with great success.


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