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11 Jan

CompTIA’s annual Partner Summit


CompTIA spotted a few trends in 2017

CompTIA’s annual Partner Summit was recently held in Austin Texas and we were proud to have a member of staff Louis Geldenhuys from CTU joining us at this event. In Louis own words “This was the best event I have attended”.  Louis not only did CTU proud but also South Africa where he totally impressed delegates from around the world with his skills and knowledge and the amazing work that CTU is doing.

CompTIA takes great pride in showcasing our Partners that have gone above and beyond to serve the IT industry and support our future IT leaders around the world. At the Partner Summit Awards in Austin CompTIA recognized CTU as one of CompTIA’s biggest advocates in South Africa.  With a strong social media presence, first to market and innovative marketing and commitment to CompTIA Training and Certification CTU is a deserving winner of the Top Promoter award.

It was a proud moment for CompTIA South Africa and it is a real honor to work with such an amazing organization.

Current Market Trends

A notable milestone was recently attained. For the first time ever, the five most valuable companies in the world were all technology companies. This means technology supplanted the behemoths of the energy, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors.

Information technology is the #1 field in terms of expected job growth over the next decade, which makes systems engineers among the most highly sought after professionals today.

Jobs available today did not exist 5 years ago and in 5 years time there will be jobs that we haven’t even thought of today.

Emerging Job Titles:

  • Chief data officer (CDO)
  • Chief marketing technologist (CMT)
  • AI / machine learning architect
  • Cloud services engineer
  • IoT architect
  • Information assurance analyst / security auditors
  • Risk management specialist
  • Computer security incident responder
  • Agile project manager

So What is Hot right now!!

There’s little doubt that cybersecurity has become a critical topic—not just for IT, but for business in general and society as a whole. Today’s digital organizations are driven by new technology and dependent on orderly data, and everyday life increasingly happens on top of connected infrastructure. The risks posed by cybersecurity attacks are monumental.

To mitigate those risks, new skills are needed. This study examines the state of security skills in business—which skills are needed, which business units need training, and what companies are doing about the problem.

Security is a growing business imperative. Cybersecurity is not a new concept, but it is taking on new importance. Security skills need to be deep and wide. A range of skills is needed to secure modern infrastructure, respond to incoming threats, and ensure proper operations.

New training is needed to close skill gaps

Some companies are in a position to hire or partner in order to meet security needs, but the most common approach is to improve the existing workforce. For technical workers, 60% of companies use training to build security expertise, and 48% pursue certifications. Many companies are also extending training to the general workforce. Ongoing programs that measure knowledge can improve security literacy for employees that are increasingly using and procuring technology.

So a lot of what I have said points to the fact that new skills are required – continuous education and maintenance of skills but in the new world skill validation is going to be the key to success which is why it is imperative for training organizations and individuals to embrace certification and make embed it into their training plans.

We are proud to be associated with CTU who have identified CyberSecurity as a key factor for 2017 and beyond and have skilled their facilitators and offer all the CompTIA Security certification courses.


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