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11 Jan

Work visa | South Africa


Everything You Need To Know

To avoid applying for a visa you don’t qualify for and risk being rejected, it’s vital that you know the requirements for work visas in South Africa.

There are various options routes to choose from when immigrating to South Africa on a work visa. Read below to see what the conditions are.

General work visa

  1. Job Offer
  2. Proof of employer’s effort to recruit a South African citizen
  3. Police Clearance Certification
  4. Proof of excellent health
  5. Proof of funds

Critical skills work visa

  1. Occupation should be listed on South Africa’s critical skills list
  2. Proof of Professional body registration
  3. Police Clearance Certification
  4. Proof of excellent health
  5. Proof of funds

When it comes to the critical skills work visa, you don’t need a job offer, however, you must secure a job within 12 months of the visa being issued for the visa to remain valid.

Intra-company transfer work visa

An intra-company transfer visa is where an international employer transfers an employee to one of their branches in South Africa.

Requirements for an intra-company transfer visa:

The abroad employer must confirm that:

  1. The employee has been employed for more than 6 months
  2. Confirm that the employee will be transferred to a branch, associate or subsidiary of the company in South Africa
  3. The applicant will not be in South Africa for more than four years
  4. south

The South African branch must demonstrate that:

  1. They accept the employee transfer
  2. The employee will be employed in a specific occupation as stipulated on the visa
  3. The international employee will comply with the requirements of the Act and provisions of their visa at all times
  4. They promise to notify the Director-General instantly if the employee doesn’t adhere to the conditions stipulated on their visa
  5. The employer will carry any extradition costs of the employee and their family members if necessary
  6. The employer will guarantee that the employee will be in possession of a valid passport for the duration of their employment
  7. A suitable arrangement is in place to transfer necessary skills from the international employee to a South African coworker when the contract comes to an end

Other Requirements:

  1. Police Clearance Certification
  2. Proof of excellent health
  3. Proof of funds

For more information about the work visa in South Africa, get in touch with Black Pen Immigration and speak to one of their team members today.


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