16 Jan

Tuesday is Choose Day



What do you choose this #ChooseDay?

It’s Tuesday or Choose Day. As people we make choices all the time. From what to wear in the morning to the what to eat for dinner. From personal decisions to business decisions, we a one decision away from a wide range of outcomes. You don’t always realise that one simple choice can change your path in a split second. Scary isn’t it? Or is it thrilling? You decide…

This week we choose to share some inspiration. This is what other Instagrammers are choosing:

Ya got that right! 😎 #tuesdaymotivation #chooseday #mandela

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#tuesday #chooseday #workingmom #mumlife #workworkwork #dowhatmakesyouhappy

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Productive day off ahead #tuesdaymotivation #chooseday

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#motivation #motivationalquotes #quotes #chooseday

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Why not share your #ChooseDay quotes with us?


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