31 Jan

Choose natural fabrics over synthetic fabrics



Why you should consider natural fabrics

Whether you’re building, renovating or just like to keep up with the latest interior design trends, one of the most popular and consistent movements over the last 5+ years has been to choose eco-friendly alternatives. But ‘going green’ can feel daunting. Won’t it cost me a fortune? Am I really making a difference? Yes! Every bit counts and if we all make choices that add to a greener, low-waste consciousness, the effects are likely to be profound.

We’ve identified one good place to start that’s do-able, economical and affordable for anyone wanting to make wiser, eco-friendly choices for their home or office; choose natural fabrics over synthetic.

Whether you’re selecting blankets, scatter cushions, carpets, upholstery, throws or curtains, there are numerous opportunities to choose natural fabrics. Synthetic fabrics could be considered plastic. In a process called polymerisation, chemically-derived fibres are joined together to create fabric. Numerous toxic chemicals and solvents are used to create synthetic fabrics. Common synthetic fabrics include polyester, rayon, modal, spandex and nylon. Choosing natural fibres reduces the toxic burden in your space as well as on the environment.

Natural fibres are generally far more sustainable than synthetic fibres, which require high energy use and crude oil. Additionally, because natural fibres are plant based, they decompose quickly. Most synthetic fibres are essentially plastic-based, which means they are not quickly or easily biodegradable.

Contrary to popular belief, natural fibres are not always more expensive than their synthetic counterparts. Thankfully, there is a large range of natural options to suit any budget or theme. Natural fabrics offer dynamic colours and textures that can be mixed and matched to create truly eye-catching spaces. Natural, more sustainable fabrics include organic cotton, linen (made from flax), silk, wool, cashmere, hemp, and jute (a coarse fibre generally used for carpets).





By Wayne Bartlett


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