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13 Feb

How to make the most of your stay at Erindi

game drive


Erindi’s “good old” game drive offers viewers magnificent animal life and more.

Erindi Private Game Reserve offers 24 amazing activities, showcasing the most diverse fauna and flora species found anywhere in Africa. Our 2 camps, Old Traders Lodge and Camp Elephant, have been built along ecotourism lines. For the wildlife tourist and adventure seeker, Erindi is a treasure trove of exciting creatures. Whether big or small, all our wildlife, bird and plant life species have a safe haven here. We have carefully curated our list of activities keeping our animals safety in mind while creating a relaxed atmosphere for the nature viewer to enjoy the sounds and sights of Africa.

Our number 1 activity remains the “good old” game drive, set out on early mornings and late afternoons on a guided game viewing expedition. Erindi is rich in game and guests are treated to a large variety of animal life, bird life, insects, vegetation and fantastic African vistas. Game drives are guided and informative and the reserve is a massive 71 000 hectares, where you can drive in different directions every day and never quite see the end of it. Snacks and refreshments are served, usually at scenic spots in the reserve. All game viewers are shaded but are strongly advised to apply sunscreen. We cater for children with our Under 6’s Game Drive. Families and groups can opt for a private game drive. Here you can choose where you want to go and what wildlife species your group is most interested in tracking.

We offer conservation based activities. Guests get to participate in the day-to-day efforts to conserve the Erindi ecosystem. Telemetry tracking, leopard project drive, pangolin tracking and the ultimate ecological experience are all activities that are educational and give visitors a deeper insight into the need for effective conservation management.

We have numerous walks and hikes in both the summer and winter seasons. The guided bush walk, cheetah walk, leopard project walk, and the more challenging bushman art valley climb are all guided on foot and offer a more personal interaction with nature.

For the hobbyists, we have the private birding drive, private photographic safari and the new, fly your drone safari. Get incredible footage from the air. Please share your amazing videos with us!
Although the guides are almost always successful in finding some of the bigger and more impressive animals – the cheetahs, lions, elephants and giraffes, for instance – there’s also plenty of smaller (and more sedentary) life to see and learn about. Erindi’s guides are a font of wisdom when it comes to the spiders, insects, reptiles, birds, plants and trees of the region.

And there are a host of other thrilling activities to participate in. But none of these amazing activities would be possible without our dedicated and passionate team of field guides. Every guide is a team player who has completed vigorous training to be FGASA qualified. Our guides are passionate about Erindi, the work they do, and love sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with our guests. They will enhance the way you look at Africa and all its beauty!

Be sure to book your activities at least 24 hours in advance. Don’t be too disappointed if your activity is not available. It doesn’t happen often, but nature does get to dictate things sometimes. Always check in and out at reception or at the game viewing departure area.

Our activities allow guests the chance to do something different every day at Erindi. Young or old, families, couples and groups can participate in numerous nature viewing and interactive conservation activities within the reserve. Whatever the average age of the group is, we can accommodate all interest groups at Erindi.

We invite you to visit this pristine wilderness where everyday is a different adventure.

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