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14 Feb

Gondwana Training Academy

Gondwana Training Academy in full swing

The year started with various groups of Gondwana Employees making their way to the Kalahari Farmhouse for the 2018 Gondwana Training Academy. The Lodge Group invites promising employees from all over the country. A total of 220 of Gondwana’s 850 employees will participate in the Academy this year.

A group of Gondwana employees who attended one of the leadership courses.

Various courses have been offered over the past weeks, including housekeeping training, bar and barista training, and maintenance courses. Over the weeks to come, more courses will follow, with direct focus on leadership and soft skills.

The core of learning is self-awareness, tourism and marketing, respect for one another Namibian diversity, of man and nature. Participants learn to apply their knowledge in a structured format at work and to share it with their colleagues.

Bartenders of different Gondwana lodges attending a course at the Gondwana Academy in Stampriet.

As per the Gondwana Collection’s belief, that we can only be successful if we make others successful, the Training Academy aims to uplift our employees. By giving them the skills they need to further their own careers, we strive to improve the overall service excellence of the company.

The offer of the Academy is structured within a framework of in-house vocational advancement to employees within the Gondwana Group.

The Gondwana Training Academy is situated at the Kalahari Farmhouse and continues until March. During this time, the Kalahari Farmhouse will be open to campers and visitors to the restaurant. Guests are advised to book accommodation at the Kalahari Anib Lodge nearby, during this period. The Farmhouse will open again to overnight guests on 20 March 2018.

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