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14 Feb

NMG Employee Benefits Breakfast


Global Reach. Specialist Expertise. Local Knowledge

NMG Benefits are excited to invite you to their benefit benchmarking study focus group event, partnering with SA Board for People Practices (SABPP). The event will take place on Thursday, 15 February 2018 at Holiday Inn Sandton.

Established in 1992, the NMG Group is a global consultative and intermediary firm focused exclusively on the financial services sector. NMG have been enjoying rapid international growth and now has in excess of 800 employees in 18 cities, covering all inhabited continents.

A total of 50 top NMG clients have been invited to join the two sessions which starts at 8h30am, with registration starting at 7h30am.

Why attend this event?

In Southern Africa, benefit provision by employers is an important factor of overall remuneration. Yet there is a certain satisfaction when an “average” is met. Employee benefits extend far beyond pension, medical aid and life insurance.

Ever thought about study support, additional leave, travel allowance, flexible working hours, canteens and other subsidies? As an employer, how are you making these work for your employees, supporting the strategic drive, and the company’s financial function in containing costs?

That is why NMG invites you to attend the Benefits benchmarking study to assist you in addressing these concerns.

The NMG Group prides themselves in being at the cutting edge of developments in the delivery of financial services throughout the world. Whether it involves retail distribution in the UK, changes to the regulation of advice in Australia, retirement fund reform in South Africa, or point of sale regulation in Singapore or Canada – they get the job done.

A total of 50 of the NMG top clients have been have been invited. There will be a morning session to hear about the views from the industry then the second session will be the focus group discussing key questions.
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