12 Apr

What I Have Learnt From 15 Years in the Office Printing Industry



I have been in the office printing environment for 15 years and I still love what I do.

From the early days of calling on customers to sell remanufactured laser print cartridges, to our current focus on selling a win-win outcomes-based solution, I am amazed at how this industry has progressed and I am excited about the road ahead.

In my ongoing drive to deliver on customer needs and solve problems in the office printing environment, I have learnt many things about business that I can share:

• When delivering a service, the people on your team are your priority
• Through execution and delivery of your promise, build solid relationships based on trust
• Learn from your mistakes: they define you and shape your growth path
• Listen carefully to your customers
• Sometimes business is not fair
• Be resilient in the quest to reach your goal
• An unwavering belief in what you set out to achieve is essential
• Make sure you know why you are getting up in the morning and doing what you do
• Define your purpose

The above eight things will go a long way in making sure that when your career comes to an end, you can look back at your contribution with pride and fulfilment.

In addition to what I have learnt about business in general, here are the lessons I have learnt about the Office Print industry in particular:

• Not many people have a print strategy in place
• Office printing does not get much attention
• If it works, you and your customers will be happy
• Office printing is at bottom of the food chain/pecking order
• Relationships are key to the sale of equipment
• Very few people understand what they are paying for
• Contracts are always complicated and onerous
• People sign contracts based on trust
• Costs are very high (a lot higher than you think)
• Finance contracts have some funny clauses

People in mid-sized businesses don’t know how many devices they have.
When you are trying to disrupt a market and develop a new, more efficient and sustainable way of doing things, learning and fixing these problems makes you different, and more people will want to do business with you.

To find out more about Green Office, and the office printing industry, feel free to get in touch.


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