23 Apr

Living in Apartments – the Good and the Bad



Seeff Umhlanga discuss the positive and negative aspects of living in apartments

I think there are people who love living in apartments and then there are those who hate the idea. It is a matter of personal choice. But if we take the emotion out of the issue, and look at both sides of the concept, what do we get?

The positive aspects of living in apartments:

• Lock-up and go. You can literally lock your doors, go on your holiday, and be confident in the knowledge that your home is secure.

• Easy to maintain. No more painting of outside, no more gardening, no more pool maintenance. All that is taken care of by the Body Corporate and/or Managing Agents. The cost is generally covered in your body corporate levy.

• Your space does not have to be limited. If finance allows, you can choose to live in a large apartment. SEEFF uMHLANGA have apartments for sale that are up to 750m², so you have all the benefits without compromising on your comforts. But a smaller apartment can be as much of an advantage to some- when you are “downsizing” you want to simplify your life, clean out those cupboards, do without the 10-seater dining room table.

• Most apartment buildings are within close proximity to shops and restaurants

So what are the negative aspects?

• Nosy and interfering neighbours. Not that you don’t have this issue in a house, but the proximity of apartment living does exacerbate this issue.

• Rules and Regulations. Some apartment blocks are worse than others in this regard. So choose carefully. You want a well-run building, but nothing can be more off-putting than stepping into an elevator with signs telling you what you can and cannot do. Some building-supervisors are so bad that they can make life unpleasant for residents, as can inconsiderate neighbours.

• Privacy and Noise. This is something you do have to compromise on in an apartment building, but if you are respectful of your neighbours, then hopefully they will treat you accordingly.

• No Pets. Many apartment buildings do not allow pets and this is a big problem for pet-owners and would rule out apartment living as an option

In the end, whether you choose to live in an apartment or a house, it is a lifestyle choice based on personal preferences.

By Seeff Umhlanga

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