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Integrating Cyber Resilience into your Business Continuity Plan

Cyber Resilience

Thought Leadership: Why it’s essential that companies are now focusing on cyber resilience

Business’s massive (and growing) reliance on its information and communication technology (ICT) systems has created a major risk, and has also attracted the unwelcome attention of well-resourced criminal syndicates. Because these threats to business ICT systems are so persistent, innovative and well-funded, companies are now focusing on cyber resilience—putting measures in place to ensure that their systems are innately able to adapt to unexpected changes or attacks, and recover from any cyber disaster.

This is why. Only 4% of US directors are very confident that they are secured against cyber-attack, whereas 66% are less than confident.

It is thus imperative to integrate cyber resilience into the broader business continuity strategy.

Five Steps that are Helping to Make it Happen

Align IT and business to a cyber-resilience strategy:
Use a common language to enable this alignment. Neither party will be effective working solo.

Get top management buy-in:
Executive sponsorship is critical to gain traction—and receive budget. Given the importance of business continuity as a whole, including cyber resilience, this sponsorship should be at board level.

Get the balance between risk appetite and resilience right:
Companies must take the time to understand their particular threat landscape, and their risk appetite. Mitigating risk costs money.

Develop a comprehensive cyber strategy incorporating people, processes and technology:
Everybody in the company, and every process, uses technology, so all must be involved.

Create a holistic resilience culture of protect, detect, respond and recover:
Protection is vital but unlikely to be foolproof; the ability to detect that a breach has even occurred is necessary in order to trigger a suitable response and recovery.



By Michael Davies


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