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What are the Effects of Stress on our Bodies?


Do you suffer from recurring or persistent headaches, shoulder or neck pains, lower backache, cramps, heartburn or indigestion?

If you do, body stress may be the cause!

When our bodies go beyond our ability to deal with mechanical, emotional or chemical stress, this stress may become stored in our body’s physical structures. This stored or locked-in tension causes pressure on the nerves and undermines the body’s communication system. This may result in the some of the effects above, or very many others as you will read of below.

Body stress may manifest itself in a variety of ways. This includes pain, numbness, muscle weakness, stiffness, distorted posture, joint degeneration, tiredness or psychological effects, or other body dis-functions.

The most popular reason people come for Body Stress Release is to seek relief from pain. Stored tension results in tissue compression, leading to irritation of nerves and resulting in pain of many different types; such as dull aches, stabbing pains, severe pains that are either intermittent or continuous. Pain is usually a normal nerve message serving as a possible warning-signal and to trigger natural healing. When tension is locked-in however, there is a build-up or overload of body stress, continuous pain does not prompt self-healing. Then it may be time to go for Body Stress Release!

Effects of body stress

The body can also start to ignore or filter out these pain signals and certain areas could be temporarily numbed. Numbness is an equally important sign of potential body stress. Sometimes strain or locked-in tension causes pain which subsides, and then there is a reduced sensation in that area, or a referred numbness in the arms or legs. We see many clients with these numbing sensations, particularly in the legs and arms.

Other effects may include stiffness, muscle weakness, having a distorted posture, joint degeneration and tiredness or fatigue. Often these types of effects start at a lower end of intensity or frequency, but over time may build up into persistent and intense effects. Our health mantra should be “Listen to your body’s whispers and do not wait until it is screaming at you, before you take action!”

Psychological effects of stress

In addition to the purely physical effects of body stress there may also be more subtle psychological effects. For the body to store and lock-in tension, the body must use energy. This takes away from the body’s natural energy supply and normal state. In the absence of pain or other effects, people may feel a sense of unease or be overwhelmed and anxious, and this can be accompanied by unexplained lethargy or tiredness.

As body stress leads to a disruption of the body’s communication pathways or nervous system, other functionality may also be disturbed. Internal organs may also be affected in this way and may cause effects such as bed-wetting, growing pains, infertility, constipation, indigestion or heartburn, to name but a few that we see in our practices around Gauteng.

If you suffer from any of these effects and would like to book an appointment with one of over 30 BSR practitioners in Gauteng, or just want to read more about this inspiring technique, please contact Body Stress Release.


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