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11 Jul

A Pill for AMD, Eye Health and Brain Function

eye health

A supplement with high levels of Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Vitasight is an eye care supplement aimed primarily at those at risk of developing Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). However, it has other health benefits as well due to the high levels of Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are the carotenoids which make up the macular pigment (MP) of the eye. They occur naturally in the body but are depleted over time. Therefore, they need to be replenished from external dietary sources or by supplementation.

Lutein has been proven to improve visual processing and reaction time across all ages. It also has a positive impact on cognitive function, long-term memory and brain function, particularly in the elderly.

Small amounts of both substances are found in leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale and broccoli. They are also found in yellow and orange fruits and vegetables. But, the concentration is not high enough to effectively boost the MP or have significant health benefits.

One needs a daily intake of at least 10mg of Lutein and 2mg of Zeaxanthin to boost and maintain the density of the macular pigment as well as to have an impact on general health.

The solution

Vitasight provides 10mg of Lutein and 2.4mg of Zeaxanthin in a single dose.

Early detection and screening for AMD is key to preserving one’s sight. However, until now damage to the macular is only generally picked up once there are noticeable symptoms. These symptoms include partial loss of vision, abnormality where straight lines appear wavy, blurred vision or distorted vision, inability to see in dim light, or seeing spots.

Macular pigment screening can be done using the Elektron MPSII. This is a patented macular screening device which can assess the health of the MP quickly and easily. The device provides a reading of the density of the MP and depending on the result, provides an indication of whether the macula is damaged and in need of boosting through supplementation. Annual screening is recommended to monitor one’s MP value.

About AMD

AMD is also widely recognised as the third most common cause of vision loss in the aged population globally and the single biggest cause of blindness in developed countries.

AMD affects the macula, the small central area of the eye that controls visual acuity and affects one’s ability to read, recognise faces, drive and watch television. The health and density of the macular pigment (MP) is responsible for protecting the macula from damage from free radicals and dangerous blue light.

Although AMD primarily affects older people, changes in our diets and lifestyle, as well as increasing reliance on blue light-emitting devices, has resulted in a greater number of young adults being diagnosed with AMD.

For further information on Vitasight and the Elektron MPSII Macula Screening Device, contact Vitasight.

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