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08 Aug

SAPOA Awards 2018

sapoa awards

The SAPOA Awards is the most prestigious programme of its kind within the South African commercial real estate industry

RLB Pentad is proud to be a part of the Professional Teams who received two category awards at the 2018 SAPOA Property Development Awards for Innovative Excellence.

The BMW Regional Distribution Centre in Waterfall received the category award in Industrial Development.
the Ernst Young office building in Cape Town earned the category award for Interiors.

Although aesthetics play a pivotal role in these awards, the holistic approach looks at various elements in design. These include elements such as social transformation, overall impact, environmental sustainability in design, industry and community perception as well as interiors that ensure that the local commercial real estate sector stays on par with international standards.

Innovative solutions

The SAPOA awards for excellence is a recognition of those innovative solutions and/or property development projects that embody excellence in all disciplines involved in their creation. The awards are an affirmation by SAPOA of the ideal of providing society with the optimal solution to its property needs, hence recognizing the solutions or projects that best embody overall excellence.

sapoa awards

RLB Pentad prides itself on the core services we offer, these main services include cost consultancy, project management, building surveying and specialist advisory services. Our work across multiple sectors ensures that we can bring best practice to bear on any project.

We provide expert management of the relationship between value, time and cost from inception to completion. We do this through our global and local team of experts. These experts possess a passion for both core services and innovation.
We’re committed to developing new services and techniques aimed at enhancing our clients’ businesses in the long term. And this allows us the opportunity to be a part of the SAPOA awards.


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