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10 Aug

Why We Created BEE-Connex


At its core, we built BEE-Connex to modernise and simplify the process of procuring BEE services for any company

At the same time, we raise the standard and impact of all BEE services received.

We’re proud of what we’ve created – it’s a tool that exists to better business for South Africa and facilitates opportunity creation for our citizens.

BEE-Connex is an industry-first application. It aims to change the way we do business. We want to break down the barriers created by industry jargon and minimise any complexity to offer companies hassle-free BEE.

Louis Pulzone, the group CEO of LFP Training created BEE-Connex. This is important for us, BEE-Connex has been brought to life by the leading provider of BEE aligned turnkey Skills Development Training in South Africa.

BEE-Connex is the result of a team with years of experience and expertise in providing BEE services and betterment looking to the future of South African business, understanding from a ground level perspective what needs to be improved and then building a platform to facilitate better BEE services for all.

Why BEE-Connex?

It is a time consuming and complicated task to procure or change BEE suppliers. Your businesses needs will always be evolving as they adapt to accommodate your companies growth or new legislation demands.

This task becomes more challenging when paired with the influx of BEE service providers entering the market to aid the growing number of companies working to become compliant, improve their BEE scores and adopt a more holistic business approach to Black Economic Empowerment. More providers doesn’t mean best practice and quality service is being given. How do you make sure that crucial BEE services and BEE business development is being handled by someone that will do your company justice?

Louise Pulzone and LFP Training, with their experience and expertise, saw an opportunity to provide easy access to the most reputable suppliers to meet any BEE requirement.

Louis Pulzone explained to Business Essentials that “Having worked with more than 450 clients over the past few years, we have seen the complexities they face and have recognised the need for easy access to reputable suppliers to aid strategic guidance,”.

“We started developing an App in-line with this mandate. We have searched the industry for best in the business and have put together a database of suppliers specialising in areas such as; audit verification, consulting, Skills Development, HR, Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD), Socio-Economic Development (SED) and more. This App benefits both the customer and the supplier,”

What services are available?

A few examples of services available through the BEE-Connex application are:


The ability to partner with the best suppliers in strategic BEE solutions to ensure that you get highest possible score. By understanding your needs and current situation, a team of experts can help you to achieve true transformation. In addition, you can gain access to specialist services for each element of the BEE scorecard.

Audits and Verifications

Undertake in a BEE verification process to become BEE Compliant. Collaborate with leading BEE agencies to undergo a partial or full audit in 3 easy steps:

● Completion of documentation and BEE verification planning.
● Gathering of evidence according to the five elements of relevance.
● Verification of evidence and calculation of BEE compliance.

Skills Development

Receive expert advice and facilitation of training initiatives in-line with the Skills Development Act. Empower and upskill through a range of solutions based around your needs. These include off-site simulators, online learnerships and much more!

Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD)

By simply supporting transformation through preferential procurement, supplier diversity, supplier development and enterprise development, you benefit from additional BEE points and ensure the sustainability of these businesses.

Socio-Economic Development (SED)

Measure initiatives that contribute towards SED or Sector Specific Programmes which promotes access to the economy for the previously disadvantaged. SED contributions can be monetary or non-monetary, and a record must be kept during verification to ensure maximum benefit for both parties.

How does it work?

1. Download the app from the Android or iOS store
2. Register your company’s details
3. Tell us what your BEE needs are
4. Get connected to the most suitable supplier

It’s as simple as that.

Making the efforts in your company to ensure you’re compliant with BEE and have improved your scorecard as much as possible is one of the best investments you can make in both the long and short term. By using the tourism industry, and other examples of people doing it right – we can see what an effect these initiatives can have on a business and industries as a whole.

The benefits of becoming BEE compliant can also be directly beneficial to the level of success a company is capable of. For example, having a BEE certificate allows you to perform business with government sectors and other public entities. It also allows your business to tender, and having a higher BEE level improves your chances drastically on this.

If your company is in need of BEE suppliers and services, BEE-Connex is the largest network of top B-BBEE experts, all available at the click of a button so you can have the best of the best servicing your companies BEE needs.

Sign up for BEE-Connex today or learn more about it.


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