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Kilnerpark Dental Day Clinic

Kilnerpark Dental Day Clinic

The building was over 30 years old and had not seen a revamp since its conception

Kilnerpark Dental Day Clinic in Pretoria contacted Nuclei Lifestyle Design for a revamp on the interior of their facility. This medium-sized dental clinic is situated in an old established suburb of Pretoria.

We passed their selection process with a thorough and comprehensive upgrading proposal together with an extensive list of references.
Due to the size of the upgrade required, and since the clinic had to remain open during the entire project, we decided to implement a phased approach. We divided the revamp into sectioned off parts.

Four phases

During the first phase, we upgraded public areas being the lobby, staircase, lift interior, and parts of the building’s façade. Second was the reception, waiting area and service corridors. These were the areas that received the bulk of traffic from the public, so we decided it should be exposed to the excitement of the first parts of the new look and facelift.

The third phase comprised of a 15-bed ward, nurse’s station and patient bathrooms as well as the back of house services areas for personnel and doctors.

The final phase encompassed the upgrading of the economic heart of the clinic consisting of two operating theatres, recovery and auxiliary areas, over a 10-day period, including public holidays and weekends.

Colour scheme

A fresh look colour scheme was chosen in shades of grey with an array of blue hues thus generating a timeless, renewed, sophisticated and “cool” atmosphere.

Since the renovations took place while the clinic was still operational, we had to work within a very strict schedule and implementation strategy. This had to fall within the clinics’ busy timetable. Strict coordination of various functions and sub-contractors were essential for an effective execution of the project.

Despite a conservative budget, we managed to fulfil the wishes and demands of the entire board of directors. Nuclei created a contemporary yet warm and colourful new space that was welcomed by staff, doctors and patients.
Simple photo artworks of oversized flowers and proteas were incorporated into public spaces. Wallpaper of blue sky and clouds was introduced in the kid’s ward to form a backdrop behind the beds, that lit up a smile!

Our selection of durable and colourful fabrics and artwork offset against the various tones of grey and white created beautiful accents of colour.

Floor revamp

The floor revamp was done with state-of-the-art material supplied by Floorworks, namely Bona Care and gave an attractive new face and surface to the 30-year-old floors.

The Kilnerpark Clinic’s renovation and upgrade is a project Nuclei and our clients are very satisfied with and is a testament to the excellence we pride ourselves in.


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