03 Oct

Boss’s Day 2018

boss's day

Gift-Giving, Like A Boss

2018 marks the 30th anniversary since Boss’s day was officially registered. Despite three decades of tradition, employees everywhere are faced with the same daunting question each year, “What do I give my boss for Boss’s day?”

We’re exploring what is this day all about and -more importantly- how to participate, like a boss!

The Subtle Art of Giving a Gift to Your Boss

Boss’ Day is all about gift giving in the workplace and showing some appreciation to your workplace supervisors for their kindness and fairness. Gift-giving from employees to their managers is not common practice, Boss’s Day, however, calls for it.

Given the spirit of the day, you’ll want a gift that is appropriate yet sincere –which makes buying a gift for your boss tricky. Although the day is all about bestowing him or her with a gift, you don’t want it to seem as though you are ‘sucking up’. As if this weren’t difficult enough already, figuring out what to a boss who has everything, is another piece of business, entirely.

Ways to Celebrate Boss’s Day

Consider chatting with your co-workers and pooling money together to buy one big gift or hamper. By doing this, there is no risk that you’ll look obnoxious or someone else feeling their gift is inadequate. Agree on an amount that everyone is comfortable with contributing. Clubbing in gives you all the opportunity to present your gift together, sparing you, as a group, and your boss, any awkwardness when the gift is handed over.

A collective gift certainly leaves a better impression, and -better yet- you can probably splash-out on something a little more exclusive. Perfect for the boss-who-has-everything!

The thought behind giving a gift on Boss’s Day should always be rooted in sincerity rather than intending to impress. To help you steer clear of anything inappropriate, we’ve got some more helpful advice about Exchanging Business Gifts.

Gift Ideas for Boss’s Day

With the formalities out of the way, let’s get back to finding gifts that bosses want to receive. We’ve scoured South Africa for the best brands and exclusive treats that take the guesswork out finding the ultimate gift.

If you’re looking to score some brownie points with the Big Cheese the right way, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. No More Cheesy Desk Novelties

Who doesn’t love a beautiful cheese board and knives for serving that creamy Cheddar, fragrant Brie or hot Camembert oozing with fig preserve? Cheese boards are practical and useful when entertaining guests at home and serving just about any snack.

This present is the perfect solution to avoid desk novelties that your boss probably has in abundance. It’s the ideal take-home and shows that you think he or she has excellent taste.

2. Coffee For the win

If your boss appreciates the pick-me-up powers of java, a coffee gift is a must.

For an added caffeine kick to their day, we have a wide range of from Bean There Coffee Company’s fair-trade African origin ground coffee and beans to KZN’s Rich Assagay Coffee, State5’s brews for the brave. Pair their fix with a French press (plunger) or a Vietnamese Coffee Set, biscuits and have a little fun with a quirky coffee mug.


3. Light Up Her Day with Candles

Talk about love at first smell!

Candles make an excellent gift because they create a connection between smell and memory when burning. Soy Lites candles, for example, are dual-purpose and can be used to ignite an exotic fragrance and the liquid can be used as a moisturising oil.




4. Chocolate and Wine Pairing

Let your boss boast about his or her sommelier skills or enjoy the luxury of a glass of wine on a Friday evening. A chocolate and wine pairing hamper is a match made in heaven.

Do some sneaky research and couple your manager’s preferred local wine and flavoured choccies, to create a cherished bag of goodies they can enjoy. If you’re ever in doubt, the Carrol Boyes wine  collection always goes down a treat!


5. Teas and treats

For the boss who enjoys sipping from fine china with their pinky finger up, consider an exclusive basket with tea as the star of the show, and two teacups and saucers to match.

Tea is also a great accompaniment to any other indulgent goodies like fudge, chocolates and sugared biscuits.




6. Grow Your Own Bonsai

Low maintenance plants such as a bonsai or succulent, housed in a beautiful small pot are a great feature to any boss’ desk.

There is a tremendous sense of reward from growing your own Bonsai from scratch and it serves as a great talking point!



7. Tumblers & Spirits

For the spirited boss who enjoys a premium whiskey, consider a set of tumblers and a bottle of the good stuff.

Who could resist sipping on a cold one, ‘on the rocks’, after a demanding week at work?





Stress-Free Boss’s Day Gifting

Not only are our giftsets classy and convenient, but each one is beautifully wrapped, includes a personalised note authored by you, and is hand delivered too.

With just two weeks left until Boss’ Day 2018, get the crew together, pick your gift, and let Hamper World take care of the rest. We guarantee that your choice would gratify even the fussiest boss.

Forget the stress that comes with buying a last-minute gift, shop Hamper World’s vast array of hampers and crates now!


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