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29 Oct

Project Management Shortage: an Opportunity For Students


The megatrend towards project management in businesses is rapidly gaining traction, and it comes during a critical shortage of skilled project managers in South Africa.

The need for truly effective time and resource management is at an all-time high, as interactions between and within organisations have become more complex than ever. Coupled with significant investment in infrastructure and services, the demand for project management skills in South Africa has increased considerably across almost every sector.

As a leader in private higher education institution in Southern Africa, Regent Business School aims to address the shortage of skilled project managers by offering a postgraduate diploma in project management. Combining rich theory and practice components, our programme ensures that students are prepared for the world of work by building their ability to lead and develop their problem-solving instincts.

The importance of project management for modern organisations

  • Human-focused
    Having a project approach provides a creative, empowering and hands-on approach, in line with the needs of the modern employee
  • Efficiency
    Successful project managers make use of resources to their maximum capability and efficiency and can avoid risks, confusion, and delays.
  • Structured, but flexible
    There are two fundamental needs of a modern organisation that project management addresses: being adaptable to change and to be structured and organised.
  • Increases performance
    PricewaterhouseCoopers did a survey which revealed that 97% of organisations believe project management is critical to business performance and organisational success.

The demand for project management skills in South Africa is growing

In South Africa, nearly 70% of organisations have a career path for those engaged in project management training. The SA Medium-Term Expenditure Framework set aside R845 billion for the public sector infrastructure projects. Africa’s market of middle-class consumers is expected to soar to 1.1 billion by 2060, increase the services and development projects.

Project management skills are needed across a range of industries

  • Biotechnology
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Business Services
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Manufacturing
  • Real estate development

Regent Business School’s Postgraduate Diploma will provide project management skills and knowledge to persons who have discipline-specific knowledge and experience. Organisations are becoming increasingly project-based, and these skills will enable persons to design and execute multiple projects to operationalise the strategic objectives of the institution.

Project Management Modules

  • Project Integration Management – 20 Credits
  • Project Procurement and Supply Chain Management – 20 Credits
  • Project Cost Management – 20 Credits
  • Project Leadership – 20 Credits
  • Project Risk Management – 20 Credits
  • Project Quality Management – 20 Credits

On completion of this qualification, graduates will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively and manage stakeholder relationships in an ethical and professional manner
  • Demonstrate self-directed learning
  • Analyse and evaluate data to make rational decisions
  • Generate and manage projects to build organisational capacity and successfully execute projects
  • Apply appropriate methodologies to real-life scenarios
  • Understand corporate governance and risk & strategic management
  • Analyse scenarios related to identifying and solving problems in the context of project management
  • Integrate skills and knowledge to produce holistic solutions to real life problems and challenges

Admission Requirements

  • An appropriate Bachelor’s Degree or Advanced Diploma or equivalent qualification
  • Two years of managerial work experience

If you are interested in a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management please visit or call +27 (0)11 482 1404


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