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04 Dec

Digitalising HR – The Soul of HR in an Increasingly Digitalised World


Since when did Human Resources lose the ‘human’ part?

Bespoke e-learning courses, collaboration software, fancy predictive algorithms and apps designed to bring you up-to-the-minute data of how many bathrooms breaks there’ve been – the list goes on.

With so many smart tools available, it’s become incredibly easy to create a digital experience –  even a really good one. And the more bells and whistles it has, the more it feels like the right decision, something that will empower the workforce and unify company culture at no real cost. At least that’s what HR directors have been telling themselves.

As useful as digital investments can be (which they definitely can be), the role of Human Resources in an organisation should not be content to simply manage resources and fail to distinguish whether they’re human or system. Almost any HR team can create a seamless digital process for anything from recruitment to training, but the real question is whether there is an authentic human touch behind it.

And that’s the difference. It’s also the reason why HR still exists within modern businesses. Think about it, how else would the only non-revenue generating organ of a company maintain its relevance through the ages? Surely not because of a sudden interest in digital innovation.

Instead, human resources make an impact because it functions as a trade union, psychologist and schoolmaster all in one. Great HR leaders have always understood that when staff feel listened to and informed of decisions made in their interests, their productivity is influenced exponentially.

The traditional role of HR is being redefined under the ephemeral pressure of needing to provide both a cost-effective and authentic solution for employees. It’s a difficult challenge, to say the least, but the soul of the organisational culture is at stake. The key is not to rest one’s digital laurels, but to let technology only compliment an employee’s experience rather than interfere with the personal touch.

Put simply, ‘I’m here if you need to talk’ should never be replaced by ‘email us your suggestions’.


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