11 Jan

Red & Yellow Enters its 25th Birthday Year


1994 was a landmark year for South Africa, with the abolishment of Apartheid finally introducing a new era of hope for South Africa

And as transformational, albeit on a much smaller scale, a few ad industry legends decided to address their frustration with the graduates that conventional academia was producing, by starting what was then known as the “School of Logic and Magic”.

Why Logic and Magic? Because they believed the “greats” in business were distinguished by the capacity for both commercial logic and creative magic. 25 years later, Red & Yellow is proud that this time-proven, owned formula continues to produce Alumni who have gone on to build remarkable careers, both globally and locally, across a variety of industry sectors.

Confirmed by alumnus Faheem Chaudhry, Strategy Director at M&C Saatchi London, when he stated “There is probably no more powerful tool in business, whatever industry it is, than being able to tap into people. When you put a Red & Yellow graduate versus other people in an interview, somehow the Red & Yellow student always seems to come out on top”.

Red & Yellow is proud to have left an indelible impression on their Alumni’s lives, and committed to doing even more in the next 25, and more, years ahead. They started preparing for this late last year by repositioning as a Creative School of Business and extending their full-time and online offerings beyond marketing, advertising, and communications, together with a stronger focus on developing essential human skills like creative thinking for the rampantly-digital world ahead. A very different set of skills will be required for career survival, let alone success, in the 21st Century.

Powerfully attested by a comment from alumnus Conn Bertish – founder & CEO of Cancer Dojo and social entrepreneur: “I think the most powerful thing about Red & Yellow is that it teaches you to understand humans better. A phrase which is written up on their wall is “Be a sponge”. And this is how I’ve lived my life”

Red & Yellow would like to commemorate and honour the inspirational humans who built the school into what it is today, starting with industry legends Bob Rightford, Allan Raaff and Brian Searll-Tripp.

A quote from yet another alumnus, Daniel Beatty – General Manager Greater China at Red Bull – sums the Red & Yellow legacy up perfectly: “I think that so much of modern “education” tends to dumb down the parts of people’s skill sets that will not count towards a university exemption, leaving many highly talented, brilliant people thinking they are not intelligent. I wasn’t sure where I belonged until I was at Red & Yellow, but being at your school was the first time I was surrounded by people just like me. I believe that schools like these are the future, especially in today’s overpopulated, under-resourced, unequal, global, local society.”

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