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Making Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer


How To Care For Your Freshly Delivered Flowers

flowersA bouquet of flowers will forever be a gifting favourite because of their versatility. Whether it’s flowers for her, flowers for a birthday, or flowers to express your condolences, they are always well received.

Sending fresh flowers naturally lifts both you and your recipients’ spirits. That is until the petals begin to fall, and the wonderful gesture is shorter lived than either of had hoped. Well, fear not, we are here with flourishing advice on how to extend the life of your fresh cut flowers.

Your Flower Care Guide

flowersGetting picked as the recipient of a beautiful bouquet is touching, and you want that feeling to last as long as possible. So we’ve compiled this list of the best flower care tips.

A Clean Vase for Lasting Days

Before you pop your pretty display in a vase, consider washing the glass –especially if it hasn’t been used I a while. Use warm, soapy water, give it a good rinse, and then you should be ready to go.

This will remove any nasty microorganisms and ensure that the water is clean.

Cut Out the Old

Cut the bottom inch of the stems at a 45-degree angle, before placing your bunch in water. This increases the surface area for water intake. It’s best to do it under running water, or in a bowl of warm water as it prevents trapped air from blocking the stems. If you want to prolong your flowers lives, you can do this every two days.

While you’re snipping away, make sure any leaves submerged in water are removed. Leaves decay under water and bacteria builds up to plug the ends of the flowers, preventing them from absorbing water.

Sweeten the Deal

flowersIf sugar can help as a pick-me-up for humans, why not flowers? We may see the sweet addition as extra calories –but, to flowers it is well-needed food. Two tablespoons of sugar to roughly two litres of water should do the trick. Like anything in life, this is about balance. Which brings us to the next point, you’ll need to counter-balance the sugar.

Balance Sweet with Sour

This tip will keep your blossoming arrangement from hitting a sugar-low. Sugar is known to accelerate bacterial growth, and you will start to see slimy stems after day four. Enter vinegar. Vinegar is a bacteria-fighting agent that can prevent the damage. Add two tablespoons with your sugar solution to keep your bunch of freshly cut flowers happy.  

Replenish Water Often

flowersYour flowers need fresh water daily just as they would in nature. Water is lost through transpiration, so be sure to top up the water level daily. If you see that the water is becoming a little murky, dump it out, give the vase a quick wash, and refill. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to enjoy your blossoms for weeks. True story! We’ve tried.

Flower Delivery in Johannesburg and Pretoria

We promise to keep growing. Our fans planted a seed, and we watered it with a large amount of love, gratitude, and excitement.

By popular demand, we are proud to introduce a new range of fresh flower arrangements and bouquets. Now you can make a stunning flower arrangement the centre of your online gift order.

With each flower delivery, we’ll include a card with directions to this blog, so you’re your recipient can enjoy their gift to its fullest.

Show someone that you love them a whole bunch. Browse our beautiful bouquets.



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