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Bad Habits That Could Ruin Your Home


Whether you’re thinking about selling your home now or in the near future, there are things you can do to make sure it doesn’t lose value. But, without you even realising it, there are things you might be doing that’ll ruin the value of your home.

Most of us develop bad household habits or behaviours over time, but it’s never too late to turn our bad habits or behaviours around and do the opposite.

At PropertyFox, we share what some of these bad habits are.

Flushing Foreign Objects Down the Toilet
Flushing any objects, apart from loo paper, down the toilet is a definite no-no. Toilet paper is designed to break down quickly, but things like baby wipes and household cleaning wipes are often made of woven fibres that don’t break down as quickly once flushed.

Don’t flush anything down your toilet besides toilet paper, especially heavier materials like paper towels, diapers or cotton swabs, and paint, oil or harsh chemicals. Even ‘flushable’ wipes aren’t recommended.

If you notice warning signs of clogging, a gurgling when you use the toilet, for instance, or low water pressure — call a plumber ASAP.

Even with toilet paper, if you are reducing your flushing due to the drought, rather put the toilet paper in a bin next to the loo.

Slamming Doors
Slamming doors is often something we do without noticing – especially when emotions are high! Adults and teenagers can be equally guilty. Sometimes it’s not even on purpose. Leaving a door open with a gust of wind whizzing through and slamming it shut also happens.

This habit might seem harmless, but repeated slamming can pull the door out of alignment and create gaps that allow outside air into your house — potentially driving up utility bills.

If your front door is slamming shut because of its weight, though, a heavy-duty door closer might solve the problem.

Neglecting the Paintwork or Painting Over Rust
Paint is not only useful for aesthetic reasons. Most paint is designed to help protect the surfaces it covers. If you’re not in the habit of maintaining your wooden floors, for example, it’s likely that rot could set in which is a costly affair to remove.

If it’s been a while since you examined your house from the outside, take a good look and see if it needs a facelift.

Neglecting your garden
Surprisingly, not tending to your garden can cause as much damage to your home as neglecting it entirely. Trees, if not regularly maintained or trimmed, can become a real safety issue in that there is a risk of their branches falling onto your home or their roots pushing up paving and fences.

If you have trees near your house, prune them every two years to keep limbs and branches away from your home.

Creeper plants that aren’t kept in check can also cause problems for some surfaces and need to be trimmed to ensure they don’t block windows or work their way onto the roof. Larger, more invasive tree species can create even bigger disasters.

Forgetting to Clean Out Appliances Filters
It’s easy to forget that some appliance has filters that need to be removed and cleaned, failing to do so can drastically reduce the performance and lifespan of your appliances. Some appliances, like your tumble dryer, could become a potential health or safety hazard if not properly maintained.

With air conditioners, fridges and dishwashers, you can end up using a lot more power and make them work harder, which damages them over time. Ideally, air conditioner filters should be cleaned every three months, and dishwashers, once a month.

A little effort and awareness never hurt anyone, and our homes are certainly no exception. Make sure you have a look at these common bad habits and be more cautious around your home.


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