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The Ultimate Corporate Gifting Guide

corporate gifting guide

Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Gifting in South Africa 

Your ultimate corporate gifting guide is here! We’ve covered many different aspects of corporate gifting in South Africa over the years, from the basics through to lesser-known ‘rules’ to help avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Now you can find the answers you need fast. We’ve rounded up our most read articles for your convenience.

Bookmark this page for quick answers and check back for updates. We’ll keep adding new insights and pro-tips to solve your corporate gifting conundrums.

About Corporate Gifting 

The Difference Between Corporate and Promotional Gifts 

Believe it or not, there are some fundamental differences between promotional and corporate gifts. Knowing which is which is (and when to use either) can save you heaps of time, energy, and money!

Key Points

  • Corporate gifts are used to create goodwill among customers and other essential stakeholders.
  • Promotional gifts are typically branded, inexpensive tools to build brand awareness.
  • If you’re trying to win over a “whale”, a branded t-shirt from your ‘stash’ is a no-no. We show you how to select the perfect present.

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Dos and Don’ts for Corporate Gifting

The gifts you give potential or existing clients can make–or break–your relationship. Follow our easy dos and don’ts for corporate gifting and you’ll be on your way to boosting business success in no time.

corporate gifting guideKey Points

  • Banks, auditing firms and multi-national companies have strict rules around gifting that dictate whether or not they may receive gifts or limit the value of the gift.
  • The nature and timing of your gifts communicate quite a bit of hidden meaning.
  • Learn the subtle differences between something that will blow or push your recipient away.

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Exchanging Corporate Gifts 

At the Office

Do the same concepts for giving gifts to personal friends apply to friends at the office? Is it career suicide if you don’t participate in secret-Santa or give a gift on Bosses Day?

We take a look at the best practices for giving and receiving gifts at the office.

corporate gifting guideKey Points

  • What to do when your company has a no-gifting policy but you really need to say thank you.
  • How to avoid alienating your colleagues or being seen as obnoxious when you give a gift.
  • Navigating the big gifting occasions such as Secretary’s day, Bosses day, and Christmas.

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On Bosses Day

Gift-giving from employees to their managers is not common practice, Boss’s Day, however, calls for it. Explore what this day all about and – more importantly – how to participate, like a boss!

Key Points

  • The thought behind giving a gift on Boss’s Day should always be rooted in sincerity rather than intending to impress.
  • A collective gift certainly leaves a better impression and allows you to splash out on something a little more exclusive. Perfect for the boss-who-has-everything!
  • Find unique gifts that stand out from yet another mug or picture frame.

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Gift Ideas for Secretary’s Day

When it comes to selecting the perfect present to show thanks to our office professionals, we have a pretty tough task ahead of us. Add to this that Secretary’s day is always celebrated near to Spring day and you face an onslaught of only-nearly appropriate options at the shops. Fear not, we’ve got Gift Ideas For Spring and Secretary’s Day that strike the perfect balance.

Key Points

  • Remember that the day includes office professionals, administrators and executive assistants.
  • As office professionals are often tasked with sourcing corporate gifts on your company’s behalf, they’ve seen it all. You’ll need to find something original which communicates the thought and effort you put into the gift.
  • Browse a list of Fun New Gift Ideas large and small.

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Christmas and Year-End Gifting 

Practical Year-End Corporate Gifting Advice

It pays to think ahead. Here are 3 reasons why you should buy year-end gifts early.

Key Points

  • Planning ahead gives you a competitive edge.
  • Smart spending in tough economic times.
  • The surprising benefits of thanking your staff with gifts instead of an expensive blowout.

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Year-end Gifting Cheat Sheet

We show you how to bend the rules of year-end gifting if you’re in a bind.

corporate gifting guideKey Points

  • List of can’t-go-wrong gifts for all personalities.
  • Working around sending gifts in summer.
  • Non-alcoholic gift alternatives.

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Sending Year-End Thank You Gifts in a Hurry

Try as you might sometimes the end of the year sneaks up on you. When you’re short on time (and budget) this last-minute corporate thank you gift suggestions will make it seem like you had it in the bag all along.  

Key Points

  • You don’t have to settle for just anything in the name of getting your gifts out on time.
  • Thoughtful gifts include presents from brands that give back to the community.
  • What to do if you’re too late and clients have already gone on holiday.

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Finding the Right Corporate Gifting Supplier for Your Business 

How to Choose the Right Corporate Gift Supplier

When it comes to implementing your corporate gifting strategy, the most essential weapon in your arsenal is your gifting supplier

corporate gifting guideKey Points

  • 5 things to consider when choosing corporate gifts.
  • Corporate gifting etiquette.
  • Combining CSI/CSR with corporate gifting.

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The Corporate Gifting Solution You’ve Wanted All Along

Why Hamper World should be your go-to corporate gifting supplier

Key Points

  • Unique gift sets that will set you apart from your competitors.
  • The majority of the rare gifts on our site are produced locally by small businesses.
  • Personalised cards & professional gift wrapping.
  • Fast nationwide delivery.
  • Custom gift hampers and branding options.

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Let us know if you have any burning questions and our writers will set to work finding the answers!

Now that you know everything you need to know about corporate gifting, you can start exploring the perfect gifts. Shop Now


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