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08 Apr

New e-Waste Service Offering for Leading Waste Management Company EnviroServ


EnviroServ has become a one-stop-shop

Offering both waste and e-waste services to assist companies throughout South Africa with compliant asset disposal of all end-of-term IT and electronic equipment.

“We manage complex logistics, providing all the necessary regulation compliance whilst recovering value for the goods,” said EnviroServ Commercial Director Dawie Krugel. “With the upcoming promulgation of the PoPI Act into law, which ensures that all South African institutions conduct themselves in a responsible manner when collecting, processing, storing and sharing another entity’s personal information, there has been a greater focus in recent years on safe storage and destruction of personal information. Penalties, including proposed jail terms, have been mooted in the area of information protection.” It is for this reason that EnviroServ chose to collaborate with Tarsus Dispose-IT (Pty) Ltd, who are experts in this area and who will be managing this process on behalf of EnviroServ.

Data destruction can now be done onsite or offsite, and compliance certificates will be issued for all work carried out to effectively remove the POPI liability from the end customer.

EnviroServ, in collaboration with Tarsus Dispose-IT offer advanced reverse logistics, from bulk collection to individual pickups nationally. “We offer a complete de-commissioning and commissioning suite of services designed to minimise organisational downtime, small office or large complex facility asset migration, as well as sensitive data or device destruction services.”

It is critical to ensure IT refreshes are made more cost efficient by offering end of life equipment as a trade-in. “EnviroServ helps clients realise competitive value for the working equipment returned, bringing down the total cost of ownership.” To further help maintain refresh cycles on equipment, EnviroServ offers an upfront commitment to buy back goods at a fixed future value. “The value you receive will guarantee a lower cost of refresh on the new equipment.”

This comprehensive new service is aligned to the EnviroServ values of looking after the environment by re-using and refurbishing where possible, helping corporate South Africa reduce risks and environmental cost and protecting future generations through CSI and learnerships.


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