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The Choices Social Investors Make 22 May 2018

By: Tshikululu Social Investments ABC of BEE

  Social investment is more than just giving Social investors are private funders who support initiatives aimed at addressing improved educational outcomes, alleviating poverty, supporting employment opportunities, providing access to basic services such as health and welfare initiatives, the advancement

High Impact Social Investment ensured by Next Generation M&E 17 May 2018

By: Tshikululu Social Investments ABC of BEE

  Advanced digital tools create new possibilities Social development has reached an exciting part of the year. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) have been enhanced, for the first time, by advanced digital tools that not only track progress but essentially assesses

Amadeus creates new model for collaboration in SA tourism 16 May 2018

By: Thebe Tourism Group ABC of BEE

  Amadeus and South Africa’s tourism industry in innovative private-public collaboration Amadeus IT Group today announced a historic initiative that will see the creation of a new model for public-private collaboration in the tourism industry in South Africa. This partnership

The Opportunities Within Multimedia Master Classes 11 May 2018

By: JT Communication Solutions ABC of BEE

  Multimedia Master Classes – An Opportunity To Close The Gap & Fast Track Digital Knowledge Transfer For Business And SETA Trainings With the advent of technology strongly making a mark on how multimedia aptitude is becoming a necessary tool

Tips for First Time Travellers to Dubrovnik, Croatia 10 May 2018

By: XL Bay Travel ABC of BEE

  XL Bay Travel share some valuable tips when visiting Dubrovnik Dubrovnik is a beautiful historical old town with pebble beaches, tiny islands in the vicinity and of course many street cafés, restaurants, bars and shops to explore. Here are

Sustainable Energy = Sustainable Communities 8 May 2018

By: Tshikululu Social Investments ABC of BEE

  The role of sustainable energy in building sustainable communities While South African renewable energy projects offer hope for much-needed power access for under-served communities, Tshikululu, a leading strategic social investment firm is helping add impact to these projects through

Unlocking the Power of PR as a Key Driver to Connecting To Your Market 7 May 2018

By: JT Communication Solutions ABC of BEE

  Aligning your brand and offering with a savvy marketing and public relations plan is essential With the South African business environment being uncertain, political changes, credit rating downgrades and higher inflation costs, diminishing job opportunities seem to be the