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PR 101: How to survive the South African landscape 21 August 2017

By: Prana Business Consulting ABC of BEE

  Prana Business Consulting shares some vital PR tips. Public Relations is unique to its different landscapes, reflecting a country’s history and culture. This gives the media industry and how they deal with stories a particular ‘vibe’. Here are 4

Air Freight: Fast, Reliable Cargo Delivery 15 August 2017

By: Rohlig Grindrod Logistics ABC of BEE

  The benefits of using air freight to move your cargo When time is a priority, moving your cargo by air is the best option. Though other methods of freight forwarding can be lower cost options, there are many unique

Sea Freight: Saving Time and Money 15 August 2017

By: Rohlig Grindrod Logistics ABC of BEE

  The benefits of moving cargo via sea freight When keeping your transport costs low is a priority, sea freight is one of the most reliable options to move your cargo to its destination. While air freight may be the

4 Shopper Marketing Tools That Drive Sales 15 August 2017

By: Prana Business Consulting ABC of BEE

  Shopper Marketing is a division of marketing that directs its focus on the customer already in-store. Because so much is shouting for our attention, investing in Shopper Marketing has become more and more important for brands. Powerful brands design

Imperial Logistics goes the extra mile for their loyal clients 11 August 2017

By: Imperial Logistics ABC of BEE

  Imperial Logistics has invested in a branded fleet of vehicles with a long standing client, Italtile.   Their commitment to clients is reflected in their outstanding involvement to improve their client’s competitiveness. They improve every link in their clients

Brand Equity vs. Customer Equity 2 August 2017

By: Prana Business Consulting ABC of BEE

  Brand Equity is defined as the “monetary value and strength of the brand”. In other words brand equity is the total worth of the brand. Customer Equity is defined as “ the lifetime value of its customers”. Both terms

Prevent Ransomware through a couple safety tips 31 July 2017

By: Commerce Quest South Africa ABC of BEE

You can secure your data through AgileCloud and CommerceQuest Ransomware has plagued the lives and minds of most business owners and IT employees for years. The team at AgileCloud has put together a list to help you keep your data

Zero Waste to Landfill | Barloworld Logistics 28 July 2017

By: Barloworld Logistics ABC of BEE

Say no to waste! It has become a global topic; environmental sustainability has leaders recognising that geopolitical stability and economic growth are basically linked to sound environmental practices. From a business point of view, leaders are under immense pressure to

Nando’s partners with Imperial Sasfin Logistics 19 July 2017

By: Imperial Logistics ABC of BEE

Cheeky chickens stays the focus for our favourite local take-away joint! We all need a little logistics support here and there, but for Nando’s, Imperial Sasfin Logistics will be helping them focus on what truly matters – cheeky chicken. According