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Diversity and Inclusiveness 11 April 2019

By: Eaton South Africa ABC OF BEE

Empowerment (B-BBEE) compliance and to fully recognise the advantages of diverse, inclusive organisations. Martin Kubheka shares why true transformation yields long-term benefits.

SMME’S in the Spotlight 11 April 2019


Axiz is in a prime position to enable and develop SMMEs in South Africa, with many SMME’s already registered with Axiz as resellers. Building off the current SMME Program mandated by SITA on the Micro Focus Framework agreement, Axiz is looking to extend this program to other vendors in our stable. This will enable the SMME to be able to offer a comprehensive solution to the market.

Navigating the Tricky Path Towards BEE Compliance 5 April 2019

By: LFP Training ABC OF BEE

Navigating complex BEE requirements to ensure compliancy can be a tricky process for many businesses. Since the implementation of BEE in 2003, there have been many high-profile cases of companies found to have faked their BEE credentials and many who have failed their verification audits for other reasons.

Keeping Kids in School Through Uniforms 29 March 2019

By: Enviroserv ABC OF BEE

In response to community stakeholder concerns that learners were staying absent from school due to a lack of school uniforms, EnviroServ launched the Dress a Learner programme in 2013.