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Prioritising your health 24 November 2017

By: Quest Staffing Solutions Corporate Essentials

  Prioritising your health for long term success and wellness South Africa’s workforce is constantly facing increasing pressures and demands to deliver bigger, better and faster than ever before. Living in this always-on, fast paced society which often requires personal

Travel Risk Map for 2018 24 November 2017

By: iGO Travel Corporate Essentials

  SOUTH AFRICA: Travel Risk Map for 2018 International SOS and Control Risks have launched the Travel Risk Map 2018, Travel and Meetings Buyer reports. The map is released each year to help companies better understand the risks in the

Leaving funds to a child in your will 23 November 2017

By: Private Client Holdings Corporate Essentials

  What can go wrong when leaving money to a minor after your death It is routine for a parent to leave assets to their children and/or grandchildren. However, unless stipulated clearly in your will, there are several things that

Encryption is like beer goggles 22 November 2017

By: Securicom Corporate Essentials

Encryption has become key Protecting the privacy of electronic communication – and for certain transactions, encryption is a legal requirement – but it’s a bit like beer goggles; it makes everything look a lot rosier than it is. With between

Digital innovation moves procurement forward 20 November 2017

By: LexisNexis Corporate Essentials

  Digital enhancements have several benefits for procurement The act of obtaining or buying goods for business can be extremely complex. Compounded by numerous risks and time-consuming tasks, the additional pressures of procurement like planning, supplier research, value analysis, price

The Importance of Procedural Fairness in Dismissals 3 November 2017

By: Global Business Solutions Corporate Essentials

  What you need to know This article outlines the conditions necessary for a disciplinary hearing to be considered to be fair. What this means is that to pass muster, a disciplinary hearing must possess the quality of procedural fairness.