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Mental Illness – a social stigma 19 September 2017

By: Workforce Healthcare Corporate Essentials

  Your illness does not define you. Your strength and courage does. There is an associated shame when it comes to mental illnesses that prevents people from acknowledging and disclosing their own mental health problems. Some managers may want to

Reputation Matters 13 September 2017

By: Solly Moeng - Director at DonValley Corporate Essentials

  Investing in protecting and enhancing corporate reputation is the smart thing to do. In a world where news travels fast, everyone has become a stakeholder and big brother is everywhere; no brand can hide from scrutiny. Reputation is not

Collective agreements and employee contracts 13 September 2017

By: Baker McKenzie Corporate Essentials

  Rule from beyond the grave   What is a collective agreement? The collective agreement regulates the terms and conditions of employees in their workplace, their duties and the duties of the employer. It is usually the result of a

The York Timbers business journey 12 September 2017

By: Obsidian Capital Corporate Essentials

  Take a look at the York Timbers 100 year business journey. York Timbers – in one form or another – has been around for a century. They initially busied themselves with the processing of lumber, but have since moved

Econz Wireless signs Partner Agreement with NeTrec 6 September 2017

By: Econz Wireless Corporate Essentials

  GPS employee tracking meets human resource management. Econz Wireless, a GPS employee tracking, time and attendance solutions company has recently partnered with NeTrec, a human resource management specialist. NeTrec’s Support Director Ernie Loubser says that the fit was obvious

Catch up with our leading lady 5 September 2017

By: iGO Travel Corporate Essentials

  Ravella Lambert shares her thoughts on what it means to be a successful woman in travel. iGO Travel launched in 2009, and is a professional and innovative travel agency. We chatted to one of the founders, Ravella Lambert, to

Event trends for summer 2017 1 September 2017

By: Fizz Marketing Corporate Essentials

  Don’t forget this 🙂 We might be heading into spring but we are already thinking of beautiful, warm summer days and the fabulous events that the season will hold. There are so many amazing event trends for 2017, but

Can your doctor justify his fee? 1 September 2017

By: Genesis Corporate Essentials

  What is reasonable? Members of Genesis may remember that the scheme launched an application to the High Court to have regulation 8 to the Medical Schemes Act (“the Act”) struck down.  Regulation 8 is the provision of the Act

Women in Sales 1 September 2017

By: Sun International Corporate Essentials

  Women dominate Sun International’s sales The hospitality and gaming industry in South Africa might seem like a male dominated industry, but within Sun International’s sales team, women are the “kings’’. There are currently 99 women out of 114 total

Have you practised dying recently 31 August 2017

By: Private Client Holdings Corporate Essentials

  Have you ever considered what would happen if you passed away on your way home from work this evening? Would your family members know where to look in order to find your will? Would they know where your assets