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Reduce Your Paper Usage and Save the Environment 22 February 2019

By: Green Office Corporate Essentials

Take a minute and look around your office and/or work environment, what do you see? Stacks of paper in the recycling bin? Printers that are faulty or out of order? An A3 printer that everyone only uses to print A4? Printers that are always low on paper and ink?

How to “Greenify” Your School! 25 January 2019

By: Green Office Corporate Essentials

The children of today will be the architects and thought leaders of tomorrow, therefore it is imperative for us, as their mentors and teachers, to set the example of being more environmentally conscious and responsible. We need to practice what we preach by implementing an environmentally conscious and friendly zone. Schools allow children to share life experiences and lessons while learning the values they will carry with them for a lifetime.