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Spring has Sprung 6 September 2018

By: PropertyFox Fine Living

Spring is here and the new season brings with it fresh ideas and colours It’s one of the most picturesque seasons on the calendar, so your home should be, too. Spring brings with it rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth.

Renovating Your Rental 5 September 2018

By: Leapfrog Property Group Fine Living

Anybody who has ever lived in a rental property will know that almost all rental agreements stipulate that any amendments to the structure of the property are strictly prohibited Many tenants find this frustrating because even if you don’t own

Kilnerpark Dental Day Clinic 31 August 2018

By: Nuclei Lifestyle Design Fine Living

The building was over 30 years old and had not seen a revamp since its conception Kilnerpark Dental Day Clinic in Pretoria contacted Nuclei Lifestyle Design for a revamp on the interior of their facility. This medium-sized dental clinic is

The Kitchen of the Future 30 August 2018

By: Caesarstone Fine Living

Caesarstone South Africa launches a five-part design video series that will bring your dream kitchen to life Caesarstone scoured and filmed every inch of Milan Design Week 2018. They consulted with the ultimate authorities in design and dissected the multitude

How to Create a Pet-Friendly Home 29 August 2018

By: PropertyFox Fine Living

How to ensure that your new house is pet-friendly The cold weather has seen many pet owners snuggle-up even more with their four-legged ‘best-friends’. Our pets are more than just animals. Our furry, feathered, and finned friends require time, attention,

Nooitgedacht Village Offers Rare Investment Opportunity 27 August 2018

By: Nooitgedacht Village Fine Living

  Live in an active outdoor lifestyle Nooitgedacht Village has proven itself a major player in the Western Cape property game. Positioned a bowshot from the historic town of Stellenbosch, the residential development provides residents easy access to Cape Town,

Edward Colle Appointed CEO of Belgotex 24 August 2018

By: Belgotex Floors Fine Living

This month, Belgotex proudly announced the appointment of Edward Colle as CEO Over the past year, Edward has worked with thought leaders and key stakeholders to rediscover the founding values that have driven the brand from strength to strength. These

Contemporary House – Waverley, Pretoria, House Prinsloo 15 August 2018

By: Nuclei Lifestyle Design Fine Living

A South African contemporary residential design for a young family of 4 in an old well-established Pretoria Suburb. The home shares the site with an existing residence turned office, restricting the amount of space available on the property. Multiple levels

Bathroom Bliss: How to Enhance it on a Budget 27 July 2018

By: Leapfrog Property Group Fine Living

Luckily there are a number of ways that you can easily breathe new life into your bathroom without breaking the bank Bathrooms are always popular candidates for makeovers. This is likely because they’re one of the most used spaces in

The ABC of Buying a Second Property 27 July 2018

By: Leapfrog Property Group Fine Living

Property is almost always an appealing investment and an accessible way for most South Africans to build wealth over time Property is a transparent investment, as information about market trends and performance is easily accessible. As such, a second property

Out With The New, In With Some Old 27 July 2018

By: PropertyFox Fine Living

  How to Pull Off Modern Vintage Interior Design When one speaks of vintage interior decorating, often your mind goes straight to an ‘old’ and ‘dusty’  house slightly resembling the European Renaissance, but lately, that is not the case. “Vintage”