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Ozone Therapy: Nature’s Incredible Cure All 17 April 2019

By: Renewal Institute Health And Wellness

We all know what oxygen is, but many don’t realise it’s quite different to ozone. While oxygen is comprised of two oxygen molecules (O2), ozone has three (O3). It can be manmade, but also occurs naturally, high up in the atmosphere, when the rays of the sun break O2 apart. When this happens, the newly single oxygen molecules immediately attach themselves to another oxygen two-some, creating the threesome that is ozone. So yes, the ‘ozone layer’ isn’t just a fancy name for the upper layers of the sky - it’s where you actually find ozone!

Discover the Next Generation in Sunscreen 10 April 2019

By: Renewal Institute Health And Wellness

Back in the day, applying sunscreen was always a bit of a chore. It was gloopy and difficult to spread. It took forever to absorb. Sometimes it created a white caste and most of the time it left you feeling sticky. Today, however, sunscreen has come a long way.

The Connection Between Your Gut and Your Brain 27 March 2019

By: Genesis Health And Wellness

Your gut and your brain are directly connected: a shock can cause you to get a sinking feeling in your stomach, and anxiety can cause butterflies. If the bacteria living in your gut (microbiota) become imbalanced, or you have a gut inflammation, it could cause illness, which includes mental illnesses, such as anxiety or depression. This connection between the gut microbiota and your brain is called the gut-brain axis. In short, it is a two-way street.