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World Blood Donors Day – 14 June 2017 13 June 2017

By: Riana van Wyk Biokineticist Health And Wellness

Give blood. Give now. Give often June has been dedicated to blood donors. Without these remarkable people, many lives would be lost. World blood donor day is commemorated annually on the 14 June in a global celebration of the millions

Genetic Testing Encouraged for Enhanced Treatment of ADHD 6 June 2017

By: Guest Author Health And Wellness

  It’s now understood individuals don’t ‘grow out’ of ADHD. It persists through adolescence and into adulthood – making correct treatment of the condition crucial. A breakthrough genetic test, now available in South Africa, empowers medical professionals to better prescribe

Soprano Ice Platinum Hair Removal For Men 8 May 2017

By: Guest Author Health And Wellness

Laser hair removal has been around for over twenty years now. It’s contributed to countless razor-free vacations, eased endless bouts with burning at the gym and almost completely eradicated crabs (you’re welcome). However despite its immense popularity with women, we’re always


By: Guest Author Health And Wellness

Have you ever lost your footing walking on slippery tiles in a shopping centre? If you have, you know how frightening losing your balance can be. Ordinarily we take our balance for granted, but it is an important and vital

PETCO celebrates our Recycling Youth Ambassadors 2 May 2017

By: PETCO Insights

In 2016, The National Recycling Forum (NRF) and its members focused their efforts on supporting young recycling entrepreneurs. Two such companies are Destination Green Recycling and Songimvelo, both showing great ingenuity and perseverance in creating sustainable and successful businesses within