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What is Tennis Elbow? 10 August 2017

By: Riana van Wyk Biokineticist Health And Wellness

  Many of us may have heard of “tennis elbow” but what exactly is it Lateral epicondylitis, commonly known as “tennis elbow”, is usually due to tendon inflammation of the muscles of the forearm where they attach to the outer

Organ Donor Month 10 August 2017

By: Riana van Wyk Biokineticist Health And Wellness

  It is important to educate people about becoming an organ donor According to research done, in the last 18 months there has been a remarkable increase in organ donor registrations.  Roughly 4 300 children and adults are awaiting life-saving

 The secrets to having great skin at any age 4 August 2017

By: Wembley MediSpa Health And Wellness

  Your fountain of youthful skin starts here Every person has a different skin type. This is not only dependent on your genetic makeup but also on your environment, what you eat, drink, breathe and how you live. The norm

Skincare cleared up: masques vs serums 31 July 2017

By: Vitaderm Health And Wellness

Vitaderm explains the differences of optimal skincare routines Masques and serums have been popular products used in addition to regular skincare routines. These two products are the best way to take your skincare routine to the next level. Since these

Laser therapy for various skin problems 27 July 2017

By: The Centre Of Wellness Health And Wellness

  How laser therapy can help your skin Laser therapy systems use filtered and optimised light to distribute energy into the skin in order to target various skin concerns. The light beams have specific targets: Melanin, which is brown. This

 The Advancements and use of Sunscreen 27 July 2017

By: Wembley MediSpa Health And Wellness

  Be sun-wise and stay protected from harmful UV rays Do you remember the days when applying sunscreen meant that you were covered in a slimy, thick layer of goop? Well thankfully those days are gone! Sunscreen is a must

Hair Removal Techniques Explained 26 July 2017

By: Wembley MediSpa Health And Wellness

  Learn the pros, cons and tips of hair removal Both men and women use various methods to remove unwanted hair from their bodies. Like most things, different methods suit different people. Here is our breakdown of ways in which

Intervertebral Disc Disease in Dogs (IVDD) 24 July 2017

By: Animal Health and Hydro Health And Wellness

  What you need to know about Intervertebral Disc Disease When the conversation turns to veterinary topics and the focus is on ‘back dogs’ the Dachshund springs to mind. Sausage dogs are the poster child for intervertebral disc disease (IVDD).