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All You Need To Know About Chemical Stress 22 October 2018

By: Body Stress Release Health And Wellness

  Have you ever wondered why you feel ‘uncomfortable in your skin’ or feel a headache and/or nausea coming on when you walk into a freshly painted room,  just used insecticide in your home or on your rose bushes, eaten

The Fight Against Breast Cancer Continues During October 15 October 2018

By: Selfmed Medical Scheme Health And Wellness

  Show you care by making others aware Breast Cancer Awareness Month during October in South Africa reflects a powerful drive across both public and private healthcare sectors to raise awareness and keep fighting this devastating disease. We already know

Find The Ideal Retirement Home in Johannesburg 12 October 2018

By: Flower Foundation Retirement Homes Health And Wellness

  You deserve to live comfortably at any age Flower Foundation Retirement Homes in Johannesburg offer you a lifestyle you are comfortable with. Your life, hobbies, and work continue as usual, but in an environment that offers, security, support, care,

The Unseen Effect of Electronic Devices 12 October 2018

By: VitaSight Health And Wellness

  These devices affects our health Electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more are everyday aspects of our lives. They have become indispensable aids that help us day to day but there may be a price to pay for

Get The Spring Back In Your Health 17 September 2018

By: Selfmed Medical Scheme Health And Wellness

  It’s time to ease that terrible sneeze! Spring is in the air, so for many with seasonal allergies, it means beginning of runny noses, itchy eyes, and constant sneezing. Although the flowers may be blooming and bees are starting

6 Steps To Take When Feeling Burned Out 4 September 2018

By: Continous Growth Life Coaching Health And Wellness

Safeguarding yourself In my previous article, I wrote about burnout and how to be aware of the signs that come with burn out. Burnout is not something to take lightly. Just because you are not physically sick with the flu

Is a Lack of Sleep Wreaking Havoc on Your Health? 3 September 2018

By: Renewal Institute Health And Wellness

That old saying about sleep being medicine? It’s true… Getting an adequate amount of good quality slumber is beneficial to all your body’s organs and systems – from your brain to your heart. Unfortunately, not all of us get as

Is Your Insomnia Caused by Anemia? 3 September 2018

By: Renewal Institute Health And Wellness

If you’re suffering from insomnia you’ll know it goes hand in hand with fatigue Wanting to fall asleep at your desk because you got almost no quality sleep the night before is expected. What if both your insomnia and the

Interesting Facts About Sleep 31 August 2018

By: SleepNet-BreatheNet Health And Wellness

  Some you may know, others may surprise you It’s a known fact that humans spend 1/3 of their life sleeping and yet the value of sleep quality and quantity is often not considered in our day to day lives.