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WATCH: Treatment Options for Substance Abuse 18 June 2018

By: Houghton House Health And Wellness

Look below the surface and delve into the detail that can complicate and contribute to self-harming addictive behaviour patterns Houghton House offers a comprehensive range of treatment options for substance abuse. In-patient treatment spans both primary care (4-6 weeks) and

Happy Mind, Happy Life 8 June 2018

By: Continous Growth Life Coaching Health And Wellness

  A positive mindset is important for a happy life Our mindset plays a major role in how we manage challenges and opportunities, and our thoughts influence what we do, believe and think. Are you a glass half empty or

Prescription Medication Addiction: What You Need To Know 6 June 2018

By: Houghton House Health And Wellness

  Insight into medicine addiction One of the most dismissed chemical dependencies is prescription medication addiction. As implied by the name, prescription medication is a drug that is regulated by law and requires a doctor’s instruction. Prescribed drugs work by

The Importance of Body Stress Release 6 June 2018

By: Body Stress Release Health And Wellness

  Living with body pain and tension can be alleviated with Body Stress Release Many people live with mysterious conditions, unexplained pains and limitations which they have come to accept as normal. Which of these categories do you fit into?

Skin Conditions that Pop Up in Winter 28 May 2018

By: Silverlab Health And Wellness

  Winter skin conditions you may need to keep an eye on Did you know that the moisture content of your skin drops as temperatures drop? Harsh winter conditions further cause the skin to lose its natural oils, allowing moisture

Could you spot a melanoma? 25 May 2018

By: Renewal Institute Health And Wellness

  Monitoring your moles could save your life The deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma, is the result of skin cells that mutated from once being healthy to those that now multiply to form cancerous growths. The shift, which can

How to Get Younger-Looking Hands 25 May 2018

By: Renewal Institute Health And Wellness

  Top tips for younger-looking hands with Skin Renewal You’re religiously applying that anti-ageing serum to your face, but have you been doing the same for your hands? The best way to ensure younger-looking hands for longer is to prevent

Yes, You Can Treat Vitiligo 4 May 2018

By: Renewal Institute Health And Wellness

  Vitiligo is a loss of skin pigment that causes white patches on your skin Hyperpigmentation is an excess of melanin (the pigment that gives your skin its colour) which results in dark marks. Vitiligo, on the other hand, is just

Can Poor Sleep Make You Fat? 26 April 2018

By: SleepNet-BreatheNet Health And Wellness

  SleepNet-BreatheNet exlains the link between poor sleep and weight gain Several studies published in the past decade have focused on the association between reduced sleep and weight gain in healthy individuals and in in particular in middle aged women.