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Can You Go to Jail for Driving Drunk? 9 July 2019


YES - you can definitely go to jail for drunk driving. And it could be for a lot longer than one night. If you are arrested for drunk driving, you will spend at least one night in a police cell. In certain cases, such as in the case of repeat offenders, you could be looking at six years behind bars. Or 25 years, if your charge is changed to murder.

Could GABA help you focus and relax? 19 June 2019

By: Renewal Institute HEALTH AND WELLNESS

Modern life is busy and tough. Most people are overcommitted, over tired and some are just plain over it, having been burned out by the struggle of juggling a million things by day only to spend the night tossing and turning because their brain just can’t switch off when it’s supposed to.

Health Through Ozone: Improving Health & Wellness, Naturally! 18 June 2019

By: TM Wellness International HEALTH AND WELLNESS

When people hear about ‘Ozone’, their first thought is generally about the ozone layer and the protection it offers us against the sun’s UV rays. Only three out of five people are aware of Ozone Therapy, and one out of those three will be misinformed about what it does. Few are aware of the extraordinary results that have been achieved with ozone in the medical field, and experts are continuously exploring the extent of its healing capabilities.

Smart Ways to Negotiate Your Medical Bills 18 June 2019


When you have just had a medical procedure, you should be concentrating on recovery, not how you will cover the short payments. While you can’t make financial liability disappear, you can probably reduce your burden if you know the right questions to ask.

Early Detection: The Key to Long-term Eye Health 18 June 2019

By: Sandton Eye Clinic HEALTH AND WELLNESS

All too often, our general approach to eye health and eye care is often reactive rather than proactive. It’s not until there are noticeable symptoms, such as discomfort or vision loss, that one thinks of an eye care professional for assistance. The result being that it is often too late to treat effectively.

Victims of a System in Crisis 18 June 2019


The Constitution of South Africa states in the Bill of Rights that every person has the right to access healthcare services. It also requires the State to take reasonable legislative measures to achieve the progressive realisation of these rights, of which doctors are not exempt.