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Men Irritating Skin 14 December 2018

By: Renewal Institute Health And Wellness

Is your aftershave stinging instead of soothing? You’ve just shaved your face and now it’s time to apply an aftershave lotion so you reach for the new product you’ve bought. It promises to ‘cool’ and ‘soothe’ and yet the moment

Stress In The Limbs 26 November 2018

By: Body Stress Release Health And Wellness

  The rigours of modern living and increased levels of sitting in the workplace and at home are generally playing havoc with our spinal health. Body Stress Release practitioners will explain to you the dangers of too much sitting at

Yes, You Can Fix A Gummy Smile Without Surgery 7 November 2018

By: Renewal Institute Health And Wellness

  If you tend to show off your gums when you grin, know that you’re in good company. Julia Roberts… Gwen Stefani… Nicole Kidman… These are just a few of Hollywood’s most glamorous celebrities and, you guessed it, they all

Ingrown Beard Hairs And How To Beat Them 6 November 2018

By: Renewal Institute Health And Wellness

  If you’re a man, chances are you know all about the frustration that are ingrown beard hairs. Dealing with razor burn directly after you shave is bad enough, but then having to a spate of little red bumps pop

Ozone and Athletes 5 November 2018

By: TM Wellness International Health And Wellness

Most people are aware that the air we breathe contains the vital component, breathable Oxygen – a chemical comprised of 2 oxygen atoms What many don’t know is that, by simply adding another oxygen atom, Ozone is created. This process

All You Need To Know About Chemical Stress 22 October 2018

By: Body Stress Release Health And Wellness

  Have you ever wondered why you feel ‘uncomfortable in your skin’ or feel a headache and/or nausea coming on when you walk into a freshly painted room,  just used insecticide in your home or on your rose bushes, eaten

The Fight Against Breast Cancer Continues During October 15 October 2018

By: Selfmed Medical Scheme Health And Wellness

  Show you care by making others aware Breast Cancer Awareness Month during October in South Africa reflects a powerful drive across both public and private healthcare sectors to raise awareness and keep fighting this devastating disease. We already know