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Corporate Wellness and Gamification: What’s Your Strategy? 6 March 2019

By: Sports Science Institute of South Africa Health And Wellness

A concerning challenge faced by companies relates to mounting health care and productivity costs from chronic illnesses among employees. Workplace wellness programmes, previously considered a “nice-to-have” employee benefit, are now rightfully prioritised as a strategic imperative by top employers who recognise the long-term organisational value created by effective employee wellness strategies.

Pandemonium in the Bedroom 6 March 2019

By: SleepNet-BreatheNet Health And Wellness

I remember the good old days when going to sleep was quite simple; brush teeth, PJ’s on, maybe read a few pages of your current book and then lights out and off to dreamland. Sleep was necessary and yet seemed uncomplicated.

How to Repair Your Skin’s Barrier Function 29 January 2019

By: Renewal Institute Health And Wellness

Many people hear the words ‘barrier function’ in regard to skincare but few know what it really means. Fortunately, we’re going to explain it to you as well as why it’s important that you keep it in check.