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National Mammogram Day 18 October 2017

By: Pink Ribbon Breast Screening Centre Health And Wellness

  Remember to schedule your annual check up National Mammography Day is observed annually on the third Friday of October as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (and was proclaimed by President Bill Clinton in 1993). Today marks the

Dog-Friendly Car Travel 18 October 2017

By: Animal Health and Hydro Health And Wellness

  Take your pooches on holiday with ease Our animal companions are considered to be part of the family, so why go on holiday without them? Many South Africans have started planning holidays that include their beloved pets, and this,

What does skin needling actually do? 6 October 2017

By: House of Perfection Health And Wellness

  What happens in a Dermapen treatment? Dermapen treatments involve the introduction of a series of fine, sharp needles into the skin, following the administration of a topical local anaesthetic (designed to help reduce discomfort). The “damage” the needles cause

Types of acne scarring and treatments 20 September 2017

By: Wembley MediSpa Health And Wellness

  Beauty is skin deep, so get rid of acne and treat your skin kindly Almost everyone goes through some kind of acne during their life, whether you’re a teenager at school trying to look cool or have graduated college

Balance and Proprioception 4 September 2017

By: Animal Health and Hydro Health And Wellness

  Canine physical rehabilitation exercises help strengthen muscles and improve stability. Proprioception is the ability to know where a joint or a limb is in space and in relation to the rest of your body. In other words, it is

Can your doctor justify his fee? 1 September 2017

By: Genesis Corporate Essentials

  What is reasonable? Members of Genesis may remember that the scheme launched an application to the High Court to have regulation 8 to the Medical Schemes Act (“the Act”) struck down.  Regulation 8 is the provision of the Act

Smaller medical aid schemes can save you money 30 August 2017

By: Genesis Health And Wellness

  Larger medical aid schemes may attract more new members, but smaller schemes can save you money. GTC (formerly known as Grant Thornton Capital) conducts a comprehensive investigation into the vast number of medical aid schemes and benefits, which is

Top performing hospital plans in South Africa 22 August 2017

By: Genesis Corporate Essentials

  Reading more about the GTC  Medical Aid Survey 2017 GTC (Grant Thornton Capital), a financial services company, publishes an annual in-depth investigation into the array of medical aid plans and benefits available in South Africa. According to Gary Mockler,

What is Tennis Elbow? 10 August 2017

By: Riana van Wyk Biokineticist Health And Wellness

  Many of us may have heard of “tennis elbow” but what exactly is it Lateral epicondylitis, commonly known as “tennis elbow”, is usually due to tendon inflammation of the muscles of the forearm where they attach to the outer