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The UCT GSB still in the Top 100 Business Schools 18 May 2017

By: UCT Graduate School of Business HR & Skills

The UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB) has claimed its place in the 2017 Financial Times rankings of the world’s top customised executive education offerings, beating competitors from as far afield as France, Canada, Italy, Norway and Belgium and signalling

Workplace Integrity is a Long-Term Investment 18 May 2017

By: Guest Author HR & Skills

Creating a culture of integrity is probably the single most important way of proactively curbing criminal and unethical activities in the workplace, however it is not something to be achieved overnight, which is probably why so many companies overlook this

Top Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail 16 May 2017

By: Prof Pieter Steyn - Principal of Cranefield College HR & Skills

The main reason why small businesses fail With so many enterprises appearing and disappearing in the plethora of a marketplace, we have to ask why some entrepreneurs and small businesses fail, while others prosper. An entrepreneur is defined as, “a

Whose Job is it to Create Jobs? 15 May 2017

By: Labour Law Management Consulting HR & Skills

South Africa’s president has undertaken to implement “radical economic transformation” and his new finance minister has said that this includes the industrialisation of our economy. However, this is neither radical nor new. A former finance minister, Trevor Manuel undertook to

Compliance: a complex constraint 10 May 2017

  Payroll compliance in the South African market is complex and demanding. Organisations must obey the rules to ensure they don’t face unexpected fines, lose essential funds or suffer reputational damage. Personnel business practices must adhere to the law, paperwork

Attracting & Engaging Millennials 8 May 2017

By: Guest Author Leave your thoughts HR & Skills

  Are millennials really that different? According to Gallup’s Chairman and CEO, Jim Clifton, the answer is yes – profoundly so. Born between the early 1980’s and 2000’s, Millennials have grown up in a time of rapid change, giving them a


By: Labour Law Management Consulting HR & Skills

The main purpose of South Africa’s labour legislation is to protect employees rather than to deal with unemployment or to support employers. According to sections 193 and 194 of the LRA the CCMA and the courts may make awards and