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Company Culture – Myth or Magic? 16 August 2018

By: Educos ado EOH Abantu Pty Ltd HR Essentials

If you want to start a debate, talk about company culture While there seems to be agreement that it exists and plays a critical role in shaping behaviour in companies, there is little consensus on what it actually is, never

Importance of an Accurate IRP5 During Individual Tax Filing Season 16 August 2018

By: Educos ado EOH Abantu Pty Ltd HR Essentials

It’s also the Employer’s responsibility to submit accurate IRP5’s to SARS The SARS Filing Season for Individuals is in full swing. Please note the Employer’s responsibility in submitting accurate IRP5’s to SARS. It is the Employer’s responsibility to ensure that they

First in SA: Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Finance 14 August 2018

By: Regent Business School HR Essentials

What is Islamic finance and why do you need to know about it? A first for Southern Africa as Regent Business School launches a Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Finance (NQF 8, 120 credits). The launch is in light of the

Women: How to take Control of your Financial Destiny 6 August 2018

By: Just Retirement Life HR Essentials

Financial vulnerability is one of the greatest challenges women face today Women experience various types of gender bias throughout their working life. This results in them saving less for retirement than their male counterparts. And not only are women saving

Collective Action Will Be Our Only Way Out 25 July 2018

By: Regent Business School HR Essentials

We need to engage in collective action to make sure that we identify and create strategies and programmes that will have an impact On the 18 July 2018, the world celebrated the international centennial anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth. It

The Mclaren Way – The Driving Force Behind Innovation 27 June 2018

By: Regus HR Essentials

  Digital innovation plays a role in companies thriving Considering the pace at which digital innovation is disrupting industries worldwide, the companies that are surviving, no, thriving, are those that remain agile to the nth degree. McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT)