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Short Course, Certificate, Diploma, Degree or CPD training? 23 May 2018

By: Triple E Training HR Essentials

In South Africa, there is a rich offering of ‘training’ or ‘learning’ on which an employee can embark… …specifically in Post School Education & Training (PSET) Since the inception of SAQA standards-based courses under the National Qualifications Framework, we have

The Art of Integrity Management Solutions 9 May 2018

By: PISA Integrity Assessment Centre HR Essentials

  Powerful integrity management solutions are adaptable It takes many strokes to create a beautiful painting. It takes a lot of musicians to play a symphony. It takes a lot of words to write a poem. Most important, however, it

The Most Sought After Accountancy Skills for 2018 7 May 2018

By: Goalfix HR Essentials

  Financial modelling capability is a “must have” skill As some of you may know I am particularly passionate about financial modelling and the advantages that effective financial models provide for management and investors – particularly in forward planning and

Organic Growth is Best, Whether For Veggies or Business 4 May 2018

By: The Da Vinci Institute HR Essentials

  Growth does not have a shortcut Many an emerging enterprise has come unstuck by biting off more than it can chew or, alternatively, skipping crucial growth steps. Bruce Diale, chief executive of Polokwane-based agricultural services company Brucol Global Development,

Face-to-face Learning: Old Hat or the Future? 4 May 2018

By: Goalfix HR Essentials

  The effectiveness of online financial modelling training As you can imagine, this topic comes up many times in conversations about training – and in particular, about online training effectiveness. Goalfix is currently developing their first online training course. Julian

How To Apply For A South African Relatives Visa 4 May 2018

By: Black Pen Immigration HR Essentials

  Sound advice on South African relatives visa applications Immediate family members of South African citizens and residents can have the opportunity to live in our beautiful country if they qualify for a South African relatives visa or permit. The

The Role of Transformation Leaders in the Fourth Industrial Revolution 3 May 2018

By: Cranefield College HR Essentials

  Industry 4.0 is characterised by increasing digitisation and interconnection of products The complexity of today’s robotic technologies, artificial intelligence, mass data and internet of things calls for specialisation and sustainable collaboration among organisations. Consequently, organisational design, development and governance

Yes, VR/AR Co-working Spaces are a Thing 24 April 2018

By: Regus HR Essentials

  What sets VR/AR spaces apart from other co-working spaces? Combine a tech mega trend and a revolutionary way of working and what do you get? A VR/AR co-working space. These ‘babies’ have been popping up in the US since

Life-Long Learning 24 April 2018

By: Triple E Training HR Essentials

  April is the month that companies can submit their Workplace Skills Plans April is an important month in the life of learners, in the work of an SDF (Skills Development Facilitator) and for HR Professionals. The reason why it