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e-Steam: A Groundbreaking Learning Process 13 November 2018

By: WESSA HR Essentials

  In a world where life-supporting resources (such as air, water, soil, plants and animals) are being degraded at an alarming rate, it can only be through people and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) that a long-term solution can be

The Effectiveness of Gamification in e-Learning 7 November 2018

By: Signify Software HR Essentials

People played games before the Pharaohs In this article, we explore the history of playing, the role of games in modern times, and the effectiveness of gamification in e-learning. It is firstly important to establish whether game playing has any

Project Management Shortage: an Opportunity For Students 29 October 2018

By: Regent Business School HR Essentials

  The megatrend towards project management in businesses is rapidly gaining traction, and it comes during a critical shortage of skilled project managers in South Africa. The need for truly effective time and resource management is at an all-time high,

Business Intelligence Gatekeepers 26 September 2018

By: Alicornio Africa HR Essentials

Aim to improve business processes and unlock new opportunities Gatekeeper (noun): an attendant employed to control who goes through a gate BI Gatekeeper: Individual deciding what information to include and make available. The creation of a central base of information