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A Leading Consultancy

Alicornio Africa (Pty) Ltd is a specialist concern, with sophisticated offerings in the arena of enterprise information management. Established in 1999, the Alicornio Africa team members have more than 25 years of experience in the field of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Information Management field and are ideally suited to assist any project in this arena.  Whilst having practical knowledge about Information Integration, Data Quality, Data Warehousing and Data Migration solutions it is also Alicornio’s unique approach in providing dynamic client service and expert training, which sets our vibrant consultancy apart.

Stretching Information Integration Boundaries

Alicornio Africa is committed to forming mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.  We view this relationship as a partnership and encourage clients to participate in all processes, as opposed to operating in a vacuum.  In this way, Alicornio is able to make accurate needs assessments and thereby provide the most effective and efficient service.

Alicornio’s principle approach is to take a look at the bigger picture and provide solutions that stretch information integration boundaries.  Although immediate results may be critical to your business, Alicornio encourages the implementing solutions, be it in the form of training, the transfer of knowledge and providing solutions through consulting service that have long-term benefits and a discernible impact on clients’ bottom line.

We aim to empower our clients, through transferring tailor-made solutions and skills.  Although many IT related projects, specifically information management processes, tend to be laborious and intensive, Alicornio Africa is differentiated through a modus operandi that delivers results for clients, within remarkable timeframes. The beauty of this approach is that our clients are able to enjoy the results of Alicornio’s solutions almost immediately and our consultants thereby save clients long-term dependency on services, a practice that is not commonly associated with the potentially complex environment of information management.

Specialist Consulting – “Your Success Is Our Goal”

Our consulting services are aimed at developing tangible solutions for BI, Extended Data Warehouses, including Data Quality, Enterprise Information Integration and Information Distribution requirements within the business environment.  The vast experience of our consultants, coupled with practical knowledge enables us to supply solutions that are flexible and easy-to-use.  The following consulting services are offered:

  • Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse Training
  • Business Intelligence Strategy Development
  • Extended Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Dimensional Modelling and Design
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse and Project Management
  • Business Analysis for Analytical Systems service
  • Data Warehouse Consulting and Auditing
  • Outsource and Application Service Provider for EII/BI and DW
  • Data Cleansing Projects
  • Data Profiling
  • Information Distribution Projects

Training -“Knowledge is Power”

Alicornio Africa has established itself as a source of reliability, proficiency and professionalism when it comes to the transfer of knowledge and skills. Training courses and seminars are offered on technology independent topics. The comprehensive course content has been designed to educate and empower both the layman and business intelligence practitioner alike. Alicornio offers practical courses, which aim to take the complexity out of these potentially complicated subject areas.  Our presenters have hands-on experience and Alicornio Africa courses are highly rated. The curriculum includes:

Technology Independent Courses:

Powerful  Partnerships – “Mutually rewarding relationships”

By partnering with local industry experts and pooling our skills and resources, Alicornio Africa is able to deliver outstanding client service and excellent implementation options.   Our relationship with skilled industry experts means that we are able to accommodate a client’s every need, through collaboration and meticulously selecting a specialist team to suite specific industries or projects.

Rigorous selection and screening processes ensure a perfect match for clients and Alicornio alike. We operate on the premise that, under our guidance, our teams can provide a level of service and skill that cannot be rivalled in the local Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing industry.

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