Bioss Southern Africa


About Bioss Southern Africa

BIOSS SA is a niche consulting company focused on improving organisational and people effectiveness. This is achieved through a blend of consulting and technology solutions providing our clients with unique structural and talent analytics

Our Services, Products and Technology Solutions

Organisational Design

BIOSS can help you to create an optimal organisational design in a number of ways:

  • Levels of Work Audits
  • Organisational Role Appreciation (ORA)
  • Levels of Work Job Profiling Training

Flow and Engagement

We offer practical tools to create ‘flow’ and ‘engagement’ within organisations:

  • Capability Tools (CPA / MCPA/ IRIS)
  • Flow and Engagement Survey
  • Tripod of Work
  • Transitional Workshops and Coaching
  • Assessments (PsyMetrics and General)

Structural and Talent Analytics

Our technology platform, which provides these analytics, is called Genie. The platform provides clients with:

  • Organisational Mapping
  • Mode Plots
  • Capability Balance Sheets
  • Talent Management and Succession