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Bulk Office Solution specialises in mobile bulk filers, Top retrieval and filing systems (with a 15 year guarantee) manufacturing for over 22 years.

We specialise in Mobile Bulk Filers, Top retrieval cabinets and Filing systems.

Office space per m2 is getting more expensive every year. We believe we can help in optimising your space for all your filing and archiving needs thus, decreasing costs effectively. The correct way of filing will save space as well as increase productivity by retrieving files almost instantly.

The factory was established in 1995 and manufactures high quality Mobile Bulk filers with a 15 year guarantee. Our products are well known in the market and we have been distributing throughout Africa with minimal lead time (depending on quantity).

Bulk Office Solution expanded the business and sell bolted shelving, lockers as well as a beautiful range of Italian inspired locally manufactured chairs and office furniture in Melamine and Veneer finish.

The larger projects also benefit from our cluster work stations to save space. Cluster work stations are cost effective and save time in installation.

Bulk Office Solution offers the following products and services:

• Single, double, trips and quads Bulk filers with optional Chain drives and steering.

• Lead time on bulk filers & top retrieval cabinets 10-15 working days.

• Surveys on filing to assess space needed for bulk filers and cabinets.

• Manufacturing of steel lockers, Steel shelving, as well as colorful Melamine Lockers

• High Quality Chairs; South African as well as Imported with a 5-10 year Guarantee

• Manufacturing of boardroom tables, office furniture and workstations

• Supply High Quality Silk life-like plants with no maintenance plan

• Large range Outdoor Furniture made from 100% Recycled plastic like Picnic sets and jungle gyms for play areas.

• Stationary

Find out why your office design makes a difference to the bottom line.

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