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About us

Business Essentials is a community, an environment, and a hub of like-minded individuals that seek to do business in an ever-changing economic landscape.

Business Essentials is a communication and information portal providing valuable business -to-business information on the latest trends and developments, providing you with all your essential business resources in a central location. The Business Essentials business community is comprised of knowledgeable industry leaders and like-minded individuals providing information that assists with interpretation and insight in all the topical sectors pertinent to operating within the landscape of the South African market.

Business Essentials was born out of the understanding that the success of any organisation is now reliant on its ability to form lasting relationships with its clients through new innovative ways to break through the clutter and connect on a more personal level. BE is an integrated communications plan transceding to a single marketing avenue by incorporating both a specialised online business community as well as printed publications.

We are all well aware that social sites are today taking over traditional communication channels and the need to penetrate these communities has become increasingly more important as they have grown in relevance and their ability to make or break your business has become more apparent. The objective was to break through the clutter and offer our clients something of tangible value in the form of opportunities to engage one-on-one with industry leaders and position their company through placing all relevant and related information in one central, easily accessible location.