ClareMart Auction Group


About ClareMart Auction Group

The business of Auctioneering in South Africa has progressed and evolved significantly over the past 40 years and is now a Multi Billion Rand industry and is integral to the way in which corporations, investors and individuals sell and purchase assets.

Our Group has been pivotal in developing these innovations, a company that has been built on a fundamental respect and appreciation for the efficiency of the auction process. Many of the
formats and practices in the auction arena are innovations of The ClareMart Auction Group.

Since 1976 the company has grown steadily and consistently and is now firmly established as one of the leading auction houses in the country and, with its head office in Cape Town, ClareMart is able to offer top-of-the-line auctioneering services throughout Southern Africa. It has also built a credible base of contacts within the international property market and auctioneering environment.

The Group was awarded South African Superbrand status and has been previously nominated as a Top 500 company and No. 1 in the auction industry on more than one occasion.

We continue to deliver top results for buyers and sellers.

Why use ClareMart Auctions?

• Buyers are matched in a competitive environment
• Achieve prices that exceed the seller’s expectations
• All offers are free of any suspensive conditions
• Immediacy of auctions ensures speedy results
• The auction process creates a deadline
• No commission is payable by the seller
• The seller retains control
• Live feeds
• Online bidding platform
• Telephonic bids
• 40 Years of leading the industry
• Top 500 company
• Pioneered best practices
• Pioneers of the multiple auction
• Highest attendances at auctions
• Reputation for integrity and ethical business practice
• Targeted advertising, local, national & international
• Recognised brand