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Corporate LAN Advertising (CLA)

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About Corporate LAN Advertising (CLA)

Corporate LAN Advertising (CLA) is an Internal Communications technology platform that boosts company’s ability to engage effectively with employees in a way which ensures important information pertaining to corporate campaigns is delivered, remembered and enjoyed.

CLA has been designed, developed and adapted over the years by a team of passionate experts who come from the corporate world. This experience makes them VERY familiar with the common bottlenecks that exist in the distribution and retention of Corporate Communications using traditional (ineffective) channels of communication, such as internal emails!!

Modern day corporate staff receive too many emails on a daily basis. Adding additional load on a channel that is already under strain is almost certainly going to yield unfavorable results! CLA has been designed to overcome the challenges companies face with employees not paying attention to internal emails and other traditional internal communication channels.

Our platform uses a combination of impact messaging and multimedia channels to dynamically broadcast news and information to members of staff very effectively, ensuring that the message is seen and remembered. It is also able to gather feedback from staff through innovative survey/questionnaire methods which are both effective but non-disruptive, which is what makes CLA so attractive. Enforcing policies and ensuring audit compliance is all part of what CLA does very well, and the combination of these and many other features creates an engaged and more productive workforce.

As a result, CLA has been very well received by many medium to large organizations. Every company needs a tool like CLA to assist with boosting their ability to convey news and information to staff and improve the ease with they you are able to gather meaningful, usable feedback.

Please click here to download our product brochure, or visit our website at and arrange a demonstration of this platform that will change the way you engage with staff.

Corporate Lan Advertising … let us be Your Corporate Voice.

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