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About Cova Advisory

Cova is a majority black owned consulting firm specialising in services ranging from carbon and energy strategies through to custom and excise, finance raising and government grants and tax incentive related services.

Cova Advisory’s employees have extensive work experience in the government and private sectors and provide companies with valuable support when seeking access to government investment incentives and other organisation benefits.

The Cova team are able to assist in a multitude of specialist areas and retain their competitive edge through in-depth research, networking and interaction with government.

The business’s successful track record ensures that practical and authoritative advice is given, based on their own experience in supporting applications, while assisting successful applicants to follow through in meeting the often-complex requirements which ensure they can continue to benefit from state support.

Cova Advisory does not just assist companies, but also provides regular feedback to government on the operation of incentives, to seek improvements in the rules and administration of incentives, to ensure problems are identified, and ensure that incentives are an effective tool to support industrial development.

Our services:

Cova offers support to companies, local and offshore, applying for all the major investment incentives. As the rules often require complex and demanding BEE, supplier development, and energy efficiency undertakings, they have developed an expertise in these as well.

They are one of very few South African companies which is able to sign-off on energy efficiency measures. The team includes not only experts in investment incentives, but it also has BEE, energy efficiency, customs and other expertise.

In addition, they work closely with similar organisations internationally to ensure that they can offer investors a full service when they are taking investment decisions.

Cova Advisory participate in, and often sponsor, conferences and other initiatives to better inform and support companies which are often unaware of the government assistance opportunities that are out there.

We are passionate about the importance of reviving South Africa’s industrial base, and we play our part in boosting investment, job creation and BEE.

Visit our website to view our CSI Initiatives.

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Contact Details

Building 1, Magwa Crescent West, Maxwell Office Park, Waterfall City, Midrand

Tel: +27 (0)11 568 3340


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